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We are UK Government talent specialists. Using our expertise to source those hard to find, hard to source, skills that are in high demand in the UK. Our capabilities span all DDaT skills, through Project and Programme Management and Business Transformation, to Engineering, Infrastructure and Electronics.

Our consultants work with unique candidate pools and understand the complexities of supplying UK Government, from who holds the right clearance for each Government department, to being able to ascertain the likelihood of a candidate gaining the correct clearance for those roles that will need that before start.

In all instances we work best with high levels of engagement, partnership, and collaboration. We want to own the problem working with you to find the right solution from what is an increasingly complex talent market.

We are a consultative recruitment partner, solving tricky talent problems requires more than a simple CV send, and so we seek high levels of engagement to solve your problems.


We recruit for a wide variety of roles, both directly and indirectly to government customers. Our understanding of the sector, ability to reach hard to find candidates, and knowledge of security clearance processes stands us out from our competition, examples of projects undertaken are:

  • High priority demand with a US Defence contractor to build a team of Software Engineers and Architects within a four week timescale. In partnership and with clearly defined processes this objective was achieved ensuring support for their capability on a designated secure project.
  • Working exclusively with a large government department in a permanent rationalisation of high contractor headcount we recruited 16 roles across Site Reliability, Software, DevOps and Data within a four month timeframe. By partnering and forming smooth, accessible processes for application we were able to manage candidates through a process in complex locations and with below market salary bands.
  • For a leading Management Consultancy delivering a programme into Central Government requiring SC clearance, and a range of Sharepoint, O365 and Java skills we have delivered 12 hires and been able to drastically improve their footprint in a highly sensitive contract.


Our Practice

When you need to know exactly where the talent you are seeking are currently working, and the confidence you can engage, attract and secure the best individual then a Search process is the right approach for you. It ensures you understand the specific talent market to your challenge and gives you the confidence to make good decisions on the very best talent.


We work with both government departments directly, via Crown Commercial Service (CCS) approved frameworks, and the integrated supply chain to the defence sector. Our specialism is in business leadership roles including general management, engineering, programmatic and growth roles, working into networks of talent who have either the domain expertise specific to your problem or transferrable skills and a desire to contribute to the mission importance of secure government.

  • Through a Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Framework we delivered a high-profile Chief Security Officer (CSO) into what is the largest and most complex CSO role in the UK. A systematic approach to our search, which conformed to Civil Service principles, provided a diverse longlist and shortlist from a blend of both public and private sectors. The successful candidate came from the private sector bringing skills and diversity to the role.
  • For an organisation delivering highly complex products and services into the defence sector we were secured to deliver their growth and improvement objectives for roles across the senior leadership team. Over the last 12 months this has resulted in 10 strategically critical hires, many with niche domain understanding, but sensitive to diversity and drawing on out of sector knowledge where possible.
  • An organisation that delivers engineering and systems solutions to mission critical defence programmes across land, sea and air domains was going through a significant period of transformation and re-organisation. We secured an Engineering Director with very specific domain and technical knowledge to join the senior leadership team to bring oversight to a diverse, complex and sensitive portfolio.

Statement of Work

Our Practice

Our Statement of Work provision delivers a complete service solution where the requirement is to deliver a specified outcome or deliverable.

We work in a number of different ways:

  1. Fixed Price: Define the requirement, pay on delivery.
  2. Fixed Price with Milestones: Define the requirements, pay at milestones and then on completion.
  3. Capped Price: Define the requirements, agree a maximum budget and timeframe, then draw down on the budget with incremental delivery reports.
  4. Service Components: Define a catalogue of service components, agree a maximum budget and timeframe and then pay for delivery of the service components.
  5. Time and Materials: Define the requirements, pay on a daily rate basis. Retain the ability to withhold payment if requirements are not completed to a satisfactory outcome.

Our focus is to deliver a high-quality service and outcome whilst minimising your management overhead. Through active service management we will ensure our deliverables meet your expectations and that you only pay for what has been signed off as acceptable.


We run SoW projects across all National Security, Ministry of Defence, National Policing and Central Government, for example:

  • Software engineering and architecture service into a discreet project with a national security client. The service runs a Capped Price model where development tasks are completed by the team, allowing us to track quality, outcome and progress of project objectives.
  • Systems engineering service on a T&M model into a Defence client. We have a coordinated approach to setting engineering tasks, which allows us to manage the prioritisation of tasks under SoWs to quality outcomes whilst tracking time spent on each task.
  • Business consulting service operating on a component and capability model. We agree work packages built from pre-agreed service components, allowing the client to focus effort where the priority is most needed.

Talent Partnering

Our Practice

In an ever-challenging world of talent shortages we build bespoke solutions to your specific talent challenges. Be that project ownership of a set of hires, or long-term embedded talent solutions that leverage your brand and secure the best talent.


We have been building innovative talent solutions to complex problems for over 40 years. In the Defence market where skills shortages for digital, data, cyber and transformation skills are exacerbated by the challenges of working at secret and top secret we need to draw upon all these 40 years of experience to build solutions that actually deliver.

  • We have been working with a Defence Prime for the last 5 years solving their complex talent problems for technical roles that span their National Security, Defence, Space and Operational Cyber programmes. Each market requires subtly different approaches, our solutions have resulted in delivering over 100 DV hires; over 50 space engineering hires; two cohorts of Operational Cyber hires; whilst building long term talent communities that will assist in solving these ongoing problems over multi-years.
  • For a key defence and government technology integrator we have delivered over 50 hires in the last 12 months across Software, Infrastructure and DevOps roles. Our team is embedded in the client organisation, working closely with business unit leads and the hiring community to establish a best-in-class attraction, selection and onboarding campaign that has enabled them to not only deliver existing projects, but confidently bid on new work.
  • A key Defence Prime approached us 12 months ago with a key, and crucially unsolved talent challenge. Their UK business unit had x15 roles which had remained unfilled for over 9 months, spanning a range of Architecture, Middleware and Software Engineering roles. Our approach drew on all our hard to find, hard to reach, talent expertise and delivered named resource against all open roles within 6 months of project commencement.

Managed Services

Our Practice

We offer a range of solutions that deliver specified outcomes and deliverables, or simply provide resource augmentation across tricky skills and clearance challenges in the Defence sector.


Our experience spans the full range of digital, data, cyber and transformation skills, providing capacity and capability models both direct to MOD and via their supply chain. Our understanding of the sector, domains, skills distribution and security clearance challenges sets us apart as a partner of choice:

  • Working via a technology integrator into a National Security domain we delivered a blended team of x16 FTE across Site Reliability, Software, DevOps and Data. The team was fully deployed and operating at top secret within 8 weeks. Continuous improvement has seen the introduction of a technical assurance layer since deployment.
  • Within the defence division of a market leading prime contractor we are responsible for resource augmenting a wide range of key programmes. From Defence projects, through to consulting service, including engineering support, we have delivered over 100 FTE onto assignment in the last 12 months.
  • For a market leading management consultancy we have deployed multiple teams across a range of Sharepoint, O365, Java and Software Engineering projects at Secret classification. Key to our services is the ability to deploy teams within 3 weeks of demand signal. We currently have 20+ technical FTE deployed.

Bid Collaboration

Our Practice

Very few businesses have the luxury of a bench of resource ready to deploy against prospective bid wins, fewer still have reserves of security cleared professionals. We are skilled at creating virtual benches of resource during the bid process, this strengthens your proposition and provides you and the customer with confidence that skills can be deployed quickly and to quality once awarded.


We work across all the Defence domains offering research and insight into skills distributions, typical capability and competence levels, rate card pricing, and talent acquisition innovation within the bid process to secure confidence that should a project be awarded, the skills can be deployed at pace and at scale:

  • Operating as the single talent consulting partner on a key Defence framework achieving award across multiple Lots by standing up talent pools of security cleared resources across all technical disciplines
  • Partnered with a technology integrator to deliver technical and engineering resource augmentation at Top Secret level against a key MOD cloud programme
  • Teamed into a MOD bid for Project and Programme Management capability, bringing both scale and competitive price to the bid process backed up by real world talent pools of security cleared talent

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