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Our People

Meet our Leadership Team

  • Jon Ball

    Jon Ball

    • CEO

    Jon joined Sanderson 27 years ago as a trainee and has worked his way through the organisation. Jon is responsible for the company's strategy and execution of the vision. His mission is to solve our clients’ problems and deliver solutions tailored to them, with partnership and bravery at the heart of everything we do. Jon believes that the uniqueness and success of Sanderson is a testament to its great people. He is passionate about developing talent internally at all levels to ensure Sandersons continued growth.

  • Adam Meadows

    Adam Meadows

    • COO

    Adam has worked at Sanderson for 25 years across a variety of departments, giving him a deep understanding of the business. Adam translates our organisational vision into practical implementation and is committed to driving efficiency and continuous improvement within the business. Adam is dedicated to shaping Sanderson into a thriving workplace, emphasising the importance of leveraging individual strengths and always looking to bring out the best in each team member. His vision and innovative approach ensures we consistently deliver the highest standard of service to our clients.

  • Elizabeth Hawkins

    Elizabeth Hawkins

    • Operation and Implementation Director

    Lizzy oversees the operational side of Sanderson and manages our shared services teams. She is deeply involved in client interactions, helping bring our services to life and making sure that every decision is right for the client. Lizzy provides governance to ensure compliance with legislation, whilst also enhancing and streamlining processes to make it simple and easy for our customers to engage with. Lizzy’s approach revolves around open communication, business continuity and decisions based on integrity.

  • Will Boney

    Will Boney

    • Managing Director- Recruitment Services

    Will leads Sanderson Recruitment in the UK and supports group client delivery. In his 23-year career at Sanderson, he has supported some of the largest technology, change and transformation programmes in the UK. With a strong team of specialist consultants located across the UK, he ensures that every recruiter is equipped to deliver an outstanding candidate experience and that our customers have access to the best talent for their requirements.

  • Karen Alexander

    Karen Alexander

    • Managing Director - MSP & RPO

    Karen joined Sanderson in 2020 and leads our RPO and MSP Solutions team as Managing Director and has a proven track record in delivering personalised recruitment solutions to her clients with the goal of driving change and enabling performance. Karen’s passion for barrier-free recruitment and equal opportunities for all means she is a perfectly placed partner to help our clients enable their own business objectives.

  • Nick Walrond

    Nick Walrond

    • Managing Director - Sanderson Government & Defence

    Nick established Sanderson Government & Defence over 20 years ago to meet the unique challenge of supplying skilled resources to secure government. He solves clients talent problems as a partner, collaboratively and transparently, building long-term relationships and owning the problem through to completion. Sanderson Government & Defence have evolved into a versatile, multi-product service, with technology, diversity, and social value at the core of solutions. Nick ensures that the approach remains dynamic, making sure clients are positioned at the forefront of innovation and inclusivity.

  • Victoria Proctor

    Victoria Proctor

    • Managing Director - Sanderson Projects

    As Sanderson Project's Managing Director, Victoria is a driving force behind ensuring our customers receive top quality project outcomes. Having lived and breathed project delivery for 7 years before joining Sanderson, Victoria came on board in 2011 and since then has used her solutions focussed approach to engagements to forge long term relationships with our clients across a range of our services and inspire her hands-on team to partner with contacts to deliver the best project outcomes.

  • John Rainsbury

    John Rainsbury

    • Head of Executive Search

    With 20 years’ experience in Leadership recruitment, John has built a tailored and credible research strategy and methodology, helping hundreds of clients overcome their leadership recruitment challenges. With vast and varied industry knowledge, he works in partnership with clients to understand their business complexities to deliver the best and diverse leadership candidates for our clients.

  • Donal O’Donoghue

    Donal O’Donoghue

    • Managing Director Ireland

    Donal works with clients to understand their business strategy, and to develop the people plan to deliver that strategy. He has spent over 27 years at the forefront of recruitment and talent management, having led the delivery of bespoke RPO & MSP hiring programs and propositions. He is a labour market specialist and media contributor, having served as the President of the Employment & Recruitment Federation.

  • Mark Beale

    Mark Beale

    • Delivery and Engagement Director

    Mark leads Sanderson Solutions Delivery Division in the UK and India. In his 20 year career at Sanderson, he has led both Delivery and on-site Client Services teams that have supported Sanderson largest outsourced recruitment services. With an experienced team of client led consultants located in Bristol, London, Edinburgh and Noida, Mark ensures that every recruiter is able to deliver an outstanding candidate and hiring manager experience and that our RPO and MSP customers have access to the best talent in the market.

Meet our Founder and Chairman 

  • Keith Dawe

    Keith Dawe

    • Founder
  • Martin Griffiths

    Martin Griffiths

    • Chairman