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Our View on the Architecture job market

Posted May 11, 2024

Our Permanent Recruitment Team Lead for the North and Midlands Holly Robinson offers her insights into the state of the market for architecture careers.

“Last year was relatively quiet in the architecture careers space, with around 10% of Architects switching employers. Having seen the usual seasonal slowdown towards the end of Q4, hiring demand for all architects is increasing.

We predict a standard mix of both permanent and contract hiring over 2024. While permanent architects are preferred, especially for long-term programmes, contractors with specialist skill sets or specific domain knowledge will always be in demand.

As cloud computing becomes the norm, customers are always looking for candidates with solid experience with cloud platforms such as Azure, AWS and Google Cloud to a lesser degree. Artificial Intelligence is also high on the mind as a skill set that customers are looking to hire and one that candidates are looking to upskill in or learn in a new role.”

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What does the Data job market look like going into 2024?

Posted April 29, 2024

Sandersons Principle Consultant Sian Dean gives her view on the current state of the data job market and looks at the importance of data skills for 2024 candidates.

“The Data market has remained strong over the past year, with just over one in five data professionals switching companies in 2023. All types of businesses recognise the importance of data and how it can help drive better decision-making, improve productivity and create competitive advantages.

While we are seeing demand for contract and permanent resources, we are seeing demand for contractors with specialist skillsets outpace demand for permanent staff. We are seeing candidates gravitate towards roles where they will get the opportunity to work with cloud technologies and where they will get exposure to Artificial intelligence.

Finally, in a world where more and more businesses are trying to get staff back into the office, we see that the demand for candidates with niche data skills, such as Data Engineers, is so high that they can still secure fully remote roles.”

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Is the demand for actuaries continuing?

Posted April 8, 2024

Sanderson Senior Actuarial Consultant George Mohan gives his thoughts on the actuarial job market and the demand for actuarial talent as we move into 2024:

“There was a high demand for both interim and permanent actuarial talent in the latter half of 2023, and this trend is expected to continue throughout 2024. In particular, demand for interim actuaries is high due to ongoing regulatory changes such as Solvency UK, which has caused a rise in demand for risk and capital actuaries.

The shortage of contract actuarial professionals has also increased the demand for permanent actuaries, resulting in candidates being able to demand and, more importantly, secure higher salaries due to the levels of competition.

We expect the permanent and contract actuarial job markets to be very busy through 2024. As it is a candidate-driven market, companies need to ensure that they can retain their current talent, pay competitive salaries, and have a strong employer brand and EVP to make sure they can attract the best talent.“

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Our view on the Finance job market

Posted March 9, 2024

As experts in understanding the job market, in this blog we give you an overview of the current state of the finance job market. With a focus on Scotland, Consultant Declyn Brown shares his thoughts:

“In 2023, businesses across the nation tried to cut costs and reduce spending to enhance their profitability. In Scotland, we witnessed a notable rise in layoffs, which, combined with the ongoing cost of living crisis, led to a higher than usual number of active candidates. However, hiring demand did not meet the available candidate supply, resulting in a sluggish job market. Interestingly, while we saw permanent roles put on hold, we saw an increase in the number of FTCs, demonstrating a client-driven market.

The finance market of 2024 is showing signs of improvement as companies are resuming projects that were earlier postponed. As inflation rates drop and economic confidence grows, we anticipate an increase in hiring activity. While the supply of candidates for generalist finance roles remains high, niche positions like Financial Data Analysts will continue to be challenging to fill, particularly as data is becoming an increasingly popular area for businesses to invest in.”

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A positive outlook for the 2024 change and transformation market

Posted March 7, 2024

Chris Baker, Sanderson Project & Programme Management Principal Consultant, gives his take on the outlook for the Change & Transformation job market in 2024:

“The contingent Business Change & Transformation market was largely dormant in the second half of 2023 across the country, with few clients recruiting in significant numbers and a marked dearth of large transformation programmes being initiated across almost all industry sectors. However, the London Specialist Insurance market has stayed buoyant, with strong demand for contingent and permanent hiring.

2024 has started much more positively, with clients across multiple sectors beginning to plan for change throughout the year, although an air of caution is still clearly prevalent. The expectation is that hiring demand will grow as we progress into the year. Initial indications suggest that we will see notable demand for customer rectification programmes being spun up within the financial services industry, fee restructuring within the wealth sector, and merger and acquisition activities across multiple sectors.

In a slower, client-led, contingent market, requirements for individual hires remain very specific, and we expect that to become slightly less focused as the contingent workforce currently sitting on the bench returns to work and the balance between hiring demand and candidate availability returns to a more even keel.”

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State of the Business Analyst Job Market

Posted March 6, 2024

With the business analyst market showing promising signs of improvement, Sanderson Business Change Senior Consultant Suzanne Elder has shared her thoughts on the current state of play.

“2023 saw a significant number of transformation programmes being put on hold, leading to larger numbers of business analysts on the market searching for new roles. As a result, when a customer needed a business analyst, applications were abundant, around triple the amount that we would typically expect.

The market has shown signs of improvement in 2024. We have heard from clients about new programmes of work starting or restarting around Digital and Agile transformation and we have seen an increase in the number of Business Analyst roles, both permanent and contract, with a slight weighting to contract.

The mandate to return to the office that some companies are starting to enforce is also creating some activity in the market, as job seekers seek to depart from employers who insist on three or more days in the office, in favour of companies that provide a more flexible hybrid model.”

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