GBG - Technology Leadership Transformation


GBG are an award winning global specialist in Identity Data Intelligence. Serving 17,000 customers in 79 countries though combining trillions of data records relating to people’s identity- biometric, behavioural, attributed, and digital.

Their products are built on an unparalleled breadth of data obtained from over 200 global partners and operate in three main areas:


  • Fraud, Risk & Compliance
  • Customer & Location Intelligence
  • Employee Screening


As the business grew substantially, the Technology function that underpins this success needed to transform to ensure continued success. Key initiatives included:

  • Creation of a technology product family structure mirroring the new business strategy.
  • Upgrade and rationalise all technology platforms to a cloud based solution.
  • Change ways of working to embed agile principles within a geographically dispersed structure.


Identify, engage, assess and place key technology leaders in the UK and US that could lead these transformations in the following posts:

  • CTO - Identity solutions
  • CTO - Internal technology
  • Chief Engineer

Our Approach

We developed a compelling proposition for GBG both incorporating their culture, market position, solutions, the positions and the future transformation. We then conducted bespoke research of both the UK and US market places for relevant target organisations and then their respective talent in post.

Prospects were confidentially engaged and then assessed with a thorough and tailored interview to analyse their key capabilities, subjective qualities, potential and motivations.

For those who match the requirements, our focus was act as an extension of GBG, presenting a multi-layered proposition that promoted the role, function and business. Based on our understanding of the candidate, we personalised this proposition to ensure maximum benefit for each individual.


Each market was thoroughly investigated with the best candidates presented to GBG for consideration from both the UK and US. This resulted in successfully placing the 3 leadership positions with their first choice candidates, this will have a direct impact on their ability to realise the new technology strategy and continue to drive the growth of the business.

GBG - Technology Leadership Transformation