State of the Business Analyst Job Market

Posted March 6, 2024

With the business analyst market showing promising signs of improvement, Sanderson Business Change Senior Consultant Suzanne Elder has shared her thoughts on the current state of play.

“2023 saw a significant number of transformation programmes being put on hold, leading to larger numbers of business analysts on the market searching for new roles. As a result, when a customer needed a business analyst, applications were abundant, around triple the amount that we would typically expect.

The market has shown signs of improvement in 2024. We have heard from clients about new programmes of work starting or restarting around Digital and Agile transformation and we have seen an increase in the number of Business Analyst roles, both permanent and contract, with a slight weighting to contract.

The mandate to return to the office that some companies are starting to enforce is also creating some activity in the market, as job seekers seek to depart from employers who insist on three or more days in the office, in favour of companies that provide a more flexible hybrid model.”

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