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Questions to ask in an interview

Posted September 2, 2022

Before an interview you may take to Google to get an idea on what questions you should be asking, only to find you are then bombarded with an articles titled “51 questions to ask during an interview”, which can be a minefield to sieve through.

Typically when we think about interviews, we rarely think about the candidate asking the interviewer questions, but an interview should be a two-way conversation between both the interviewer and the interviewee, and you should certainly be asking questions of your own.

Interviewers want their potential employee to ask questions about the role and company, it shows confidence and a genuine interest in the job, sparks conversations and helps you gage whether the company is suitable for you.

So, what type of questions could you be asking in an interview?

  1. What is the company culture like?
  2. What are the company’s values?
  3. What are the management styles like?
  4. What is the progression like for this position?
  5. How do you handle performance and salary reviews?

Some general questions to ask could be…

  1. What is the best thing about working here?
  2. Ask questions about the role itself such as, how many people are on the team? Who would I be reporting to? What would my main responsibilities be? (if not stated clearly on the job description)
  3. What characteristics would make someone really successful in this role?
  4. What constitutes a typical workday here?

But there are also a few questions to avoid asking during an interview…

  • Basic questions that were answered in the job description
  • How much they will be paying you – your salary and compensation package will be negotiated during the offer process (unless you are asked about your salary expectations)
  • Personal questions – now is not the time to ask an interviewer personal questions that don’t relate to the company or the role

Remember, this is just as much your chance to suss out the company and determine if it the right fit for you. If you are curious about an aspect of the role, ask, or if you are worried about whether their values align with yours, ask.

Good luck!

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