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Our view on the Finance job market

Posted March 9, 2024

As experts in understanding the job market, in this blog we give you an overview of the current state of the finance job market. With a focus on Scotland, Consultant Declyn Brown shares his thoughts:

“In 2023, businesses across the nation tried to cut costs and reduce spending to enhance their profitability. In Scotland, we witnessed a notable rise in layoffs, which, combined with the ongoing cost of living crisis, led to a higher than usual number of active candidates. However, hiring demand did not meet the available candidate supply, resulting in a sluggish job market. Interestingly, while we saw permanent roles put on hold, we saw an increase in the number of FTCs, demonstrating a client-driven market.

The finance market of 2024 is showing signs of improvement as companies are resuming projects that were earlier postponed. As inflation rates drop and economic confidence grows, we anticipate an increase in hiring activity. While the supply of candidates for generalist finance roles remains high, niche positions like Financial Data Analysts will continue to be challenging to fill, particularly as data is becoming an increasingly popular area for businesses to invest in.”

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