World Clean Up Day 2023

World Clean Up Day 2023

This September, the Global Sanderson offices rolled up their sleeves and took part in World Clean Up Day, in partnership with our long-lasting client, Northumbrian Water,

World Clean Up Day is a global event that brings people together to help make a positive impact on our environment. At Sanderson, we do what we can to support environmental initiatives, and this event was an excellent opportunity to contribute to a cleaner environment in our local communities.

Teams from our UK offices and our colleagues from Noida, ventured out to clean their local communities and collected waste that had been left in the streets, parks and surrounding areas.

This event came to our attention when our colleagues, Karen Brabin and Holly Robinson, attended the Northumbrian Waters Innovation Festival in July. During this event, crucial global issues like climate change and waste management were discussed, and the team at Sanderson were inspired to do something that would make a small but important environmental difference.

Look at the photos below, you can see what impact this small action has made!

Our colleagues shared their thoughts on what the clean-up meant to them :

“It was so eye-opening to see the waste that hasn’t made it into the surrounding bins, and even made me think how much I personally throw away at home”

“Initially, we were worried there wasn’t enough to clear, but as we started to look, we found so much. I guess we have become blind to some of it because it’s what we are used to, which shocked me”.

“I really enjoyed spending my afternoon helping my community and socialising with people from different teams, thank you so much for this opportunity”.

As we reflect on World Cleanup Day take a look at these alarming facts:

  • Each year we produce 3% more waste than we did the year before, highlighting the urgency of waste management.
  • Over 1/3 of the world's food supply produced for humans goes to waste, we need to be aware of our consumption
  • It is not known how long glass takes to break down but, it is so long that glass made over 3,000 years ago can still be found today, this signifies the lasting impact of waste.

A big to everyone who got involved from Sanderson!

Keep an eye out for more events the Sanderson CSR Team are helping to run.