Working Parents Blog: What are some of the challenges you face?

Working Parents Blog: What are some of the challenges you face?

Being a working parent can bring many challenges, to both your home life and your work life and let’s face it, it can be quite the balancing act. Things such as the school run, organising childcare, unforeseen sickness, meetings that over run, even getting out the door on time can be a daily challenge.

Some may face judgement from their non-parent colleagues causing tension within the workplace. The transition from work to home can also be tough. Many parents continue to work once they are home. But to have good work-life balance, try to make sure that when you are home you are focussed on the task at hand and when you are home, its all about quality time with your family.

We asked parents within Sanderson Government & Defence about some of the challenges they face juggling work and home life…

"Recruitment is very reactive you have to pick things up and drop others according to the need; quite often I find myself working / taking calls dealing with queries when I’m on days off or on holiday." – Stuart Adams

"Within my work I wouldn’t say I have any challenges, as once I am at work I have everything organised in the background in order for me to be working, the biggest challenge is when something falls out of place which could be sickness, school closures etc, however I know that I have full support from my managers at Sanderson G&D and I feel comfortable that I can approach them with an issue which I haven’t had with previous employers." – Michelle Wright

"It’s challenging to fit everything into the week – working, caring for my son, socialising, housework so each week something usually has to slip so that the essentials get covered. I’m really grateful to be able to work part time at Sanderson but it is also challenging to work part time because there will always be meetings or work social events that you might not be able to attend." – Genny Tuffery

"Finding a balance sometimes in the day with commuting into the office and nursery drop offs and pick-ups." – Sophie Stowell

"Not enough hours in the day." – Lewis Snell

Whilst many working parents endeavour to find the perfect balance, for themselves, their partners, and their children, it is always a work in progress and it’s inevitable that challenges will present themselves. But finding balance is key. Check out our last working parents blog on ‘how to maintain a successful career as a working parent’ here.