Working Parents Blog: How does Sanderson G&D support you?

Working Parents Blog: How does Sanderson G&D support you?

It is essential for employees to feel supported by their employer and this includes those who are parents, guardians, or carers. And it is equally important for employers to know that many workers, alongside their 9-5, have another very important job: being a parent.

Support from an employer can be offering paid maternity, paternity, or family leave after a child is born or adopted, allowing flexible work hours, considering a more gradual return to work from leave, childcare assistance, and general support to working parents.

As part of our ‘Working Parents Blog’ series, we asked those within Sanderson G&D what the support is like for parents/carers and what can other organisations do to support working parents…

What is the support like for parents within Sanderson G&D?

"The key things that stood out to me at Sanderson G&D, was the grown-up approach they seem to have. I felt like I was trusted from the offset, and that made me feel really motivated and empowered to do a great job. I get to work flexible hours, as well as getting to do some hybrid working (although, on the most part, working from home really isn’t for me!), but it’s nice to have the option. I have regular check ins with my great manager, who supports me and my decisions and makes sure I have the flexibility I need to do my job. I feel totally empowered in my role and that gives me a huge sense of satisfaction." – Mollie Chamberlain

"Sanderson have a very supportive environment and are always looking at ways to better support their employees, the advent of flexible working, flexi time, working from home and the use of technology has supported the family environment.  I have certainly seen the benefit of working from home and have spent much more time with my family over the last couple of years." – Stuart Adams

"Working and being a parent is a fine juggling act, between making sure that I achieve my goals in work and get to spend time with my daughter. However, I feel supported by the company who allow me to work from home and have flexible hours to fit around my family life. Working from home cuts out my commuting time to and from the office. With flexible hours, I can start earlier and have more time in the evening to enjoy it with the family." – Jack Smiddy

"I have had full support from my line managers, I have recently got a bigger job and they are supporting me with management training, and they know my capability and support me fully along the way, they are also approachable and keen for me to be successful, supporting my ambition." – Michelle Wright

"Support has been great since I joined Sanderson, I feel like everyone is very considerate of the fact and I work part time and need to work flexible hours to account for my childcare schedule. When it comes to opportunities, I feel like I have the same opportunities as people who work full time." – Genny Tuffery

"So far it’s been really positive, you aren’t treated differently for being a parent, which is something I have observed at other recruitment agencies. Equally support is given if needed to leave to pick up children etc." – Sophie Stowell

"The support from Sanderson Government & Defence is incredible, its understanding, and very collaborative." – Lewis Snell

What can other organisations do to support working parents?

"Continue to be understanding, we are all on a journey and things change, a one shoe fits all approach doesn’t always work. Continue to treat people as people!" – Stuart Adams

"Be more flexible, trust in your employees, offer the work life balance, make your employees feel inclusive, making sure that they cater to parents that may miss out on the odd social event due to commitments, very rarely do parents have the opportunity to do evening events as this is bath time, bedtime and story time, but if there was opportunities for lunch club with the working mums and dads, this would give parents the opportunity to chat and still be a part of the social aspect of working life. Having monthly catch ups, be approachable and understanding." – Michelle Wright

"Focus on results instead of hours worked. Extend paternity pay/allowance." – Genny Tuffery

"Flexibility and making you feel valued as a working parent and that your contribution is just as important, which is something Sanderson G&D excels at." – Sophie Stowell

"Understand that just because you don’t have kids, other people do which requires different working dynamic. It’s 2022, not 2003." – Lewis Snell