Why is recruiting in the executive space fraught with risks?

Why is recruiting in the executive space fraught with risks?

"It’s because IF you make the wrong leadership decision, it can fundamentally impact upon your business...and finding the right individual is more difficult with a very small talent pool, albeit highly experienced. They are typically passive and in high demand; requiring a lot of research and reassurance to move to any new business or position.

"As such, executive search assignments are typically entrusted to highly experienced search specialists with a proven methodology and extensive networks. Executive Search is therefore rightly seen as the gold standard of talent acquisition.

"Our executive search service is designed to provide a whole of market research-based assignment for challenging, unique or leadership resourcing needs. It’s a highly consultative service in which we take the time to fully explore the requirement, agree realistic outcomes and offer complete transparency on the talent that matches the requirement. Beyond that we take the time to understand the talent, their motivations, and ambitions. Sanderson Executive amplifies our client’s brand to engage and attract these candidates and provide a high touch service through every stage of the process.

"At Sanderson I keep an eye on top talent whilst understanding my clients’ plans and needs. The last two years has brought enormous change and businesses need to get advice on their recruitment plans, they know they can come to me to get the holistic approach that will suit their specific business and executive needs."

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