Climate Control Pledge 2022

Climate Control Pledge 2022

Sanderson Solutions Group are committed and take responsibility as a global business to reducing emissions and have put targets in place to help reduce climate change and achieving Net Zero by 2050.

As an organisation we partnered with Green Element to help us establish our current global footprint and review the impactful actions we can take as an organisation.

We asked Elizabeth Hawkins, Operations and Implementation Director here at Sanderson, about the benefits of partnering with Green Element…

"We have always prided ourselves on being an ethical business with integrity running through every decision we make. As a privately owned global business we have the agility and budget to make real strides in this area and a responsibility to affect global change.

"Establishing your current footprint is quite complex and there are a few urban myths out there about off-setting which can be a mis-leading. We felt that engaging an expert in this field to deep dive into our global business and provide us with a strategy to reduce, was the best way forward. After speaking to several companies Green Element really stood out as the partner of choice, due to their deep understanding of the SBTi and consultative approach."

Our first milestone was to have our targets certified by Science Based Targets Initiative, which we are pleased to announce we achieved in June 2022.

"We got involved with the Science Based Targets Initiative, as we wanted to formalise our carbon reduction plan and find something that provided some rigor around the validation of our carbon emissions. Science based targets seemed like the obvious choice, as it’s globally recognised, based on clear facts and figures and is driving companies to set ambitious targets."

There are 3547 companies and financial institutions acting alongside us, with 1255 Net Zero commitments among those.

"We are now part of a worldwide community who are pioneering the race to the top to become carbon zero as quickly as possible. Science Based Targets are transparent and provide a clear roadmap of how to keep reducing your carbon footprint. The increasing momentum that this is gaining in the corporate sector will force change at a governing level and push everyone to be bolder with their reduction targets."

Sanderson’s target for 2030 has been approved using a streamlined target validation route exclusive to small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s). Sanderson Solutions Group commits:

  • to reduce Scope 1 (emissions that we make directly such running our boilers and vehicles) and Scope 2 GHG emissions (indirect emissions such as electricity or the energy we buy for heating and cooling our offices, that is being produced on our behalf) by 42% by 2030 from a 2020 base year
  • to measure and reduce our Scope 3 emissions (emissions that are outside of our direct responsibility such as buying products from a supplier).

Click the link below to check out the SBTi dashboard and the full line up of companies taking action.

Companies taking action - Science Based Targets

"Sanderson are one of the first recruitment businesses in the UK to join the SBTi, leading the way in environmentally conscious companies." – Adam Meadows, Chief Operating Officer, Sanderson

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