Sanderson iKas, Hong Kong, because we’re better and stronger together

Sanderson iKas, Hong Kong, because we’re better and stronger together

20 minds are better than 10!

Sanderson iKas are not only a permanent and contract recruitment business but a powerful force of innovative and flexible solutions. 

Sanderson alone are a nationwide recruitment and solutions company with over 40-years’ experience, heritage, and success. This, alongside the history, legacy, and strong client relationships iKas hold in the region, offers a solid and dynamic solution to current and future clients and candidates.  

At the end of this month Sanderson iKas will be coming together under the same roof, creating a synergy between the two businesses, with one common goal, to create more opportunities for their clients and candidates. 

The merging of the two businesses will take place in Hong Kong, where the two can come together to create an energetic and exciting environment where each business can learn from one another. By having more team members working alongside each other, more opportunities for clients and candidates will be created, where they can each utilise the services and experience each business holds. 

In 2021, we saw the partnership of Sanderson iKas International business, which welcomed a whole host of people and a lot of opportunity. Due to the success of Sanderson iKas partnership, it is now time to expand in Hong Kong. Both businesses already work in partnership within the capital, but the time has come to bring the two together under the same roof, where each can compliment one another in perfect harmony.