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Is the Change hiring market set to stabilise in 2024?

Posted July 3, 2024

Here our Scotland based Senior Consultant Graeme Tainsh offers you his view on the current state of the Project Manager job market in the Change & Transformation space.

The Project Management job market within Business Change & Transformation was unpredictable in 2023. However, hiring demand in 2024 has shown more stability and consistency, albeit at lower levels compared to the hot market. Clients who are recruiting seem more confident in their recruitment needs and resource plans.

In recent months, demand in Scotland has shifted towards the contract market, as clients seek specialist, flexible individuals who can immediately contribute and drive projects to completion. This trend is expected to continue into Q3 and Q4. We have also noticed an increased demand for candidates with experience in data migrations, Artificial intelligence, and Finance Transformation.

The market remains client-driven, with a high number of applications per role and strong competition. However, we anticipate the job market will become more balanced in the year’s second half.

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