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How to share your company culture during the recruitment process

Posted July 13, 2022

It’s only natural to want to hire the most highly skilled and motivated professionals, but you also want those who will have a positive impact on your company culture. But its important to note that this goes both ways…

Why is showing your company culture important?

Attracting the right candidate means showing them that you each have culture elements in common. Which makes it vital for you to showcase your company culture during the recruitment process.

These core principles of your business are great communicators to showcase what is most important to your organisation.

The way in which you get this across during the recruitment process can have an impact on whether you find the right hires or introducing the wrong people into your team.

Using Marketing

Recruitment marketing is one of the most powerful tools you can use to express your company values. It can both draw engagement from a wider range of candidates and represent your company’s principles.

  • Social media channels – your company’s social media channels are the top funnel access point for your recruitment. Its important to ensure your channels and brand voice are reflective of your unique values. Don’t just post job vacancies, start conversations on subjects that your core values represent
  • Company website – your website is usually a central point for engagement during the recruitment process, so including elements that direct visitors to content surrounding your values it key
  • Video content – creating recruitment marketing video content can be one of your most effective tools. Through video, you can quickly and clearly provide a virtual representation of how your values are reflected within your working environment

Recruitment events

Recruitment events are great for connecting with skilled candidates who are actively seeking roles. But they can often have a reputation for being impersonal. Try finding ways to demonstrate your values during recruitment events to create a more meaningful impression on visitors.

During interviews and Onboarding

Recruitment doesn’t end when a candidate makes an application and there are still many opportunities for talented individuals to disengage with your business. This is why sharing your values during the interview stage as well as during onboarding should be considered. After all, once you’ve attracted the talent, you still need to retain them.

Your company culture is a key driver for your business, it is therefore essential to recruit candidates that are attracted and committed to your core values. Not only does this mean that you bring in people who are the best fit for your company, but your company is the best fit for them.