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Future-proofing Cyber Security & Engineering Capabilities

Posted May 13, 2024

Working in partnership with a leading technology-led defence and security solutions company, we successfully helped our client by sourcing, assessing and placing a diverse talent pool into their bespoke cyber security 6-month training programme. The project resulted in the onboarding of a cohort individuals, providing them with long term career prospects and enabling our client to futureproof their cyber security and engineering capabilities.

What was the challenge?

Exploring the criticality of establishing bespoke training initiatives and programmes to contribute to a sustainable and resilient cybersecurity ecosystem. The demand for cybersecurity professionals has surged in recent years, driven by the abundance of digital technologies, and the increasing frequency of cyber threats. As organisations race to fortify their defences against cyber threats, the scarcity of qualified cybersecurity talent has emerged as a bottleneck, threatening the very foundations of digital resilience.

What was the ask?

The initiative encompassed the attraction, recruitment, assessment, and onboarding of 15 individuals with diverse backgrounds and a passion for cybersecurity. These individuals then had to undergo a tailored six-month training program within their initial 12 months of employment. Following the training programme, individuals were aligned with national security projects within Cyber Engineering or Vulnerability Research capabilities. This program was designed to cater to a diverse pool of participants, including career returners, recent graduates, school leavers, and career changers.

What were the actions?

  • Established a comprehensive project planning framework led by a committed project owner and a dedicated delivery team
  • Orchestrated a highly effective marketing campaign comprising of podcasts, blogs, employee interviews, and infographics
  • Collaborated and partnered with key organisations and educational institutions to facilitate diversification efforts
  • Regularly conducted reporting on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) initiatives
  • Successfully implemented and maintained a technical assessment platform
  • Provided support and guidance around security clearance eligibility
  • Concluded with a thorough project review report covering output analysis
  • Generated comprehensive market insights encompassing diversity, equity, and inclusion (ED&I), remuneration, geographical considerations, and educational qualifications

What were the outputs?

  • Effectively sourced, assessed and placed 15 qualified candidates in specified locations within 4 months
  • 100% of responsive individuals answered that they found the recruitment process positive, or very positive
  • Created an extensive talent pool for future cohorts
  • Over 20% of submissions identified as female – We helped create ED&I initiatives to support future recruitment
  • 95% offer acceptance rate

Client Feedback

We wanted to offer long-term careers to high-potential individuals, who will become tomorrow’s tech leads and SMEs. With the support and expertise from Sanderson Government & Defence we have successfully recruited 15 candidates onto this year’s programme with a range of skillsets and capabilities, all of whom will have the opportunity to develop and achieve within our organisation. We have looked for candidates from outside the existing community, including those from non-traditional backgrounds with self-taught skills.

The Sanderson Government & Defence team are highly engaged, responsive and proactive in their approach to recruitment. They supported with technical assessment platforms, and providing support for the on-boarding of new starters. Sanderson have also provided useful data addressing things like equity, diversity and inclusion of applicants.”

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