Project RPO High Quality, High Volume In A Competitive Market

A broker business having grown through mergers and acquisitions, decided to create a central “Relationship Hub”. On inception the location of the office hadn’t been decided and the number of external hires could be between 400-600. They needed a partner who could mobilise a team quickly, deliver 400+ hires in less than 9 months and bring passion, energy and creativity to the proposition.

A Project Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a full RPO with a defined outcome & timeframe. We needed to find a unique hook in a very competitive contact centre market to make our client the employer of choice. We designed and created an EVP based on the concept of you building your own culture. We had full media budget control and were able to use sophisticated MI to focus the campaign on digital, press and outdoor media spend. Resulting in a real buzz in town.

Model Development

  • EVP strategy and brand
  • Careers site design
  • Full media campaign
  • On-site team
  • Assessment day design and facilitation
  • Qualified assessors and techniques provided
  • Insightful analytics to drive evolution
  • Creating and developing a culture
  • Workforce planning againist migration plan and budget
  • Contract production
  • Vetting and background check
  • Internal mobility

The Output

  • Implemented in 8 weeks
  • 550 hires in 9 months
  • High calibre candidates proven through 95% passing the training programme
  • Cost efficiency of £550k
Project RPO High Quality, High Volume In A Competitive Market