MSP Transparency And Governance Within A Start-Up

A UK Challenger Bank were the new kids on the block and were undergoing rapid expansion to achieve the bank's strategic objectives. They had been heavily reliant on expensive management consultancies and had little to no view of the actual cost or tangible benefits. They wanted a partner who could provide a transparent and commercial focus on their contingent population enabling them to maximise the benefit of contractors and consultants.

A first generation Managed Service Provision (MSP) with the primary objective to improve the governance and transparency of their consultancies. We developed and implemented a new contingent worker lifecycle and engagement process supported by our dedicated Vendor Management Team.

Model Development

  • Business partnering
  • Legal support
  • 3rd party management
  • Client tech integration
  • Insightful MI suite
  • Holistic workforce planning
  • Process management design
  • Rigor and governance of consultancies and contractors
  • Approved persons vetting & background checks

The Output

  • Improved business engagement
  • Replaced 90% of consultancy resource
  • Consolidated supply and transparency
  • Scaled from 10 to 100 contingent workers
MSP Transparency And Governance Within A Start-Up