How to hire great cultural fits

As a key recruitment partner of the National Trust (having worked with the charity for over 15 years), we have an intrinsic understanding that for them, recruitment is about more than just finding skilled candidates. A major component of the Trust’s ethos, lies within the emphasis on company culture and personality fit. As such it is crucial that their staff share their values and culture.


  • We developed bespoke focus sessions to immerse prospective candidates in National Trust culture and the working environment.
  • We identified those candidates who would thrive within the National Trust culture, whilst allowing people to withdraw if the fit wasn’t right for them.
  • These processes were only possible as a result of our long standing and committed engagement with the organisation.


  • Best fit – all candidates were deemed to be an excellent cultural fit by National Trust; a key criteria of success.
  • Expanding impact – we have now filled vacancies in over 16 different areas of the organisation, from Developers to PMO’s.
  • Longstanding delivery – we have now placed almost 300 candidates during our time working with the National Trust.
How to hire great cultural fits