A positive outlook for the 2024 change and transformation market

Posted March 7, 2024

Chris Baker, Sanderson Project & Programme Management Principal Consultant, gives his take on the outlook for the Change & Transformation job market in 2024:

“The contingent Business Change & Transformation market was largely dormant in the second half of 2023 across the country, with few clients recruiting in significant numbers and a marked dearth of large transformation programmes being initiated across almost all industry sectors. However, the London Specialist Insurance market has stayed buoyant, with strong demand for contingent and permanent hiring.

2024 has started much more positively, with clients across multiple sectors beginning to plan for change throughout the year, although an air of caution is still clearly prevalent. The expectation is that hiring demand will grow as we progress into the year. Initial indications suggest that we will see notable demand for customer rectification programmes being spun up within the financial services industry, fee restructuring within the wealth sector, and merger and acquisition activities across multiple sectors.

In a slower, client-led, contingent market, requirements for individual hires remain very specific, and we expect that to become slightly less focused as the contingent workforce currently sitting on the bench returns to work and the balance between hiring demand and candidate availability returns to a more even keel.”

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