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Crafting the connections that create a better world

More and more people wake up each day and wonder where their purpose lies. They get dressed and go to a workplace, to receive a pay-check. They repeat this day after day, year after year. As technology rapidly evolves, we live longer, healthier and strive to exist as a race more consciously. At Sanderson Tech For Good we are famous for empowering businesses and people to use their skills to create a better world. We are a technology for good talent partner to industries and companies that want to change the world for the better.

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1. Informed Service

We know our markets and work with amazing companies that deal in changing peoples live and the world for better. We understand your application processes and the routes to that perfect job match.

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2. Client Access

We will only trade with tech for good organisations and we won't compromise on that. Our client base covers various ecosystems from Health, HealthTech, Life Science, Green Energy, Sport and Wellness and more. Our method is to offer you a continual cycle of opportunities across the ecosystem allowing you to continue your journey job after job within the tech for good space.

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3. Community, Not Database

You will be part of our community, not just part of a database. By hosting regular events, creating networking opportunities on multiple platforms and sharing insights and knowledge with our members you will feel part of a thriving community of skilled humans leading the charge of business change.

"With over a decade in Health and Tech recruitment which led to founding Sanderson Tech for Good our mission is to grow a talent management business which connects purpose-driven people with Tech for Good companies. Together we all make a difference in the world around us."

Chris Walker, Managing Director - Sanderson Tech for Good

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Brand representation, amplified hiring voice

We love shouting about brands who have a positive story to tell. Our communities are engaged to hear about companies who are expanding their headcount. We have built captive audiences and representation of your brand is paramount to powering the best purpose-driven talent to your vacancies.

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Informed service

Our consultants know your business industry; its highs and lows, the benefits and the hurdles to success. We also know the verticals inside out, meaning a frank and detailed conversation about the impact of the right hire not a keyword Boolean search.

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Expert and motivated candidate community

We find, engage and cultivate communities of talented people. We don't simply 'search a database', we attract only the finest talent who share the values of tech for good industries. By building workforces that are motivated by their contribution to a better world, HR initiatives, workforce churn and other employee concerns are minimised.

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Bespoke hiring strategy

We work with start ups to multi-nationals, consultancies to vast public sector bodies. Backed by the best solution leader in UK talent management, there is no problem we cannot solve. Whether single or multiple vacancy hire, a project delivery or a long term talent attraction strategy we have you covered.

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