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Our Purpose

What Makes Us Tick?

We believe in technology for good. We believe that technology can create a better world for us all. We deliver fantastic recruitment services into the Tech For Good sectors.

We attract and engage passionate people to build communities of highly skilled talent who want to apply their skills for good. We supply these passionate talent into the Tech For Good sector and increase recruitment and retention success for Tech For Good companies. We help new people apply their skills for good across booming industries in the Tech For Good world.

Meet the Director

Chris Walker

"I believe in human ingenuity. I am fascinated by the evolution of technology that makes our lives and the world a better place. I exist to empower people to focus on their purpose over their pay-check.

Over a decade in Health and Tech recruitment from learning the trade through to founding Sanderson Health & Tech for Good, my sole mission is to grow a talent management business which connects passionate skilled people with clients that make a difference in the world around us.

Operating in the fastest growing global ecosystems on the planet, you can love what you do. Community driven. Purposeful. Ambitious. Real.

If you are ready to talk about your future in Tech for Good industries as a candidate, hiring client or a recruitment professional drop me a line!"

Chris Walker
Managing Director - Sanderson Tech for Good

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