Work experience within Sanderson's Government & Defence sector

Work experience within Sanderson's Government & Defence sector

Getting work experience is a fantastic way to kickstart your career as a young adult, whether this be interning, working with family, or freelancing. It can help you go places beyond your education and getting out into the working world is a sure-fire way to learn. Work experience can help you develop soft skills, task juggling, time management and so much more.

At the end of November, the Government and Defence sector welcomed Jess Walrond to the team, to undertake five weeks work experience. So far, during her days in the Bristol HQ, Jess carries out a variety of tasks given to her by members of G&D or overshadows others work. We asked Jess how her time has been so far…

“G&D have been very welcoming during my time so far and extremely helpful when it comes to teaching me how to carry out specific tasks. This helped me massively when having to adjust to my first time working within an office environment.

“I also have a couple days working with the Marketing team which has been fun to see a different side of a company like Sanderson and have the chance to be creative with the work I do.

“Although my main passion has always been rugby, it has been great to have the opportunity to work within G&D and see what they get up to, I know it will provide me with valuable skills and experience to carry into many other situations and jobs I will find myself in in the future.”

Work experience gives you an opportunity to apply your skills and then what you carry out during your time during can be applied to your CV as a way to help further your future career. It is also a fantastic way to get ahead within the job market. The market can be a tough place for anyone, whether you have been working for 30-years or you are a recent graduate. But, getting work experience under your belt early-on can be a great way to standout from other candidates. Internships can also open up doors of being offered a full-time position once you have successfully completed your time there.

Overall, gaining work experience, no matter if it is relevant to your future career goals or not, can be hugely beneficial for both your skills set, industry experience and as a way build confidence.