When is the best time to post a job advert?

When is the best time to post a job advert?

Just like there is a perfect time to post your favourite selfie on Insta, there is also a perfect time when it comes to posting your job advertisement. But knowing when that right time is can be tricky to get your head around.

However, breaking it down into two questions of ‘what is the best day?’ and ‘when is the best time?’ is a good place to start.

SmartRecruiters reported that 58% of job advertisements are posted Monday-Wednesday with Tuesday being the most popular out of the three.

As for the time of day, 11am is the most popular time companies seem to post, with 2pm being the time the most candidates will apply to those ads.

Where should you post?

When talking about where you should post your job advertisement, it seems like a no brainer to post on the number one job site in the world Indeed and if you post between 11am-12pm you should see results.

Other sites such as LinkedIn also have popular posting times, for both regular posts as well as job ads. According to Impact Plus, posting on Wednesdays between 8am-10am, Thursdays at 9am or 1pm-2pm and Friday’s at 9am will work to your advantage.

Timing is key!

Although timing is key, it is always better to have quality over quantity, so don’t skip out on ensuring your job advertisement stands out; check out our article on how to ‘Improve the hiring process, by improving your advertisement’ here.