What are the things you do to get to know your customers/clients/candidates?

What are the things you do to get to know your customers/clients/candidates?

It’s Get to Know Your Customers Day! A day designed to encourage business owners, entrepreneurs, and those interact with customers, to focus on their customer engagement to help improve their overall customer service strategies.

Although this is something you should consistently do if you are customer/client/candidate facing, people can easily fall into the same habits and forget about the ways in which they engage on a daily basis.

It is crucial to build a strong bond with your customers, not only are they likely to return and use the service you provide time after time. But if they receive a positive experience it makes them feel valued and let’s face it, it’s a sign that you’re good at what you do!

We reached out to Sinead Chandler, Senior Consultant within Sanderson Government & Defence, to ask what she does to get to know her clients and candidates to help build strong and positive relationships.

Meet Up!

Whether it be an informal chat over a coffee, or meeting at their office, putting a face to a name is truly invaluable. Something as simple as meeting someone face-to-face will make each party feel more comfortable and at ease, especially in a time when people engage so much via technology:

Clients – We’re operating in a challenging and competitive market, and so fully getting to grips with clients’ culture and meeting their team helps to truly understand their needs and requirements. It could be their beer fridge or their Innovation Training Room you’ve seen, which can secure the talent they’re looking for!

Candidates – Having an informal meet to discuss ambitions and opportunities can be far more enlightening than what a CV or phone conversation can ever do. What starts as talking about Java, can easily lead to learning about their 5th dogs name, the house renovation, or their love for gin!

Listen & Consult

A key component when getting to know your clients and candidates, is differentiating yourself from an Agent to a Consultant:

Clients – Listen to their recruitment challenges and provide alternative solution to complex problems and hard to fill roles - above and beyond the transactional recruitment process. Whether that is simply through analysis and reporting or creating a Project and running a Training Programme – opening up these conversations, will embed yourself further with the client and build a stronger partnership.

Candidates – Consulting on their career path, and providing input on training opportunity and pathways, instead of simply ‘vacancy’ lead conversations. Being a Career Coach and genuine Talent Consultant will help you to understand the thoughts and motivations of a candidate far better and help you place them in the right role for them.

Additional Support

Going above and beyond what’s expected of you, you never know where it could lead:

Clients – Additional advice could be providing market insight, competitor knowledge, ways in which to adapt processes to streamline and attract further talent.

Candidates – Guiding candidates with CV advice, thoroughly preparing them for interviews, genuine feedback on companies tailored around their requirements. The additional personal one on one support doesn’t go unnoticed.

Be Yourself

And finally, be yourself! Adding your own personal touch and approach makes for a more comfortable, candid, and honest relationship. Consistency is key with this, which in turn, can create longevity in relationships with your clients and candidates alike.