What 2021 taught us about the recruitment process

What 2021 taught us about the recruitment process

Words by Dan Morris, Southampton Regional Manager

As we look back on a crazy year in the world of recruitment in 2021, 2022 shows no signs of slowing down. We work with clients of all shapes and sizes, across all industries and a number of different countries.

But who has been the most successful in their recruitment activity?

Is it the larger corporate businesses and their impressive benefit packages? The up-and-coming fin-techs and their market leading salaries? Or the local businesses with flexible working, four day working weeks and unlimited holiday?

Each of those of course contribute. But the most successful businesses we’ve worked with over the last 12 months are the ones who have their recruitment process mastered and they’ve used it to leapfrog their competition in the tough market we saw in 2021!

The most effective way is to agree the timeline upfront. This includes the qualification call, when CV’s will be submitted, a time for the manager to review CVs with the consultants and the upcoming interview process including pre booked slots.

What have we learnt?

Efficiency is everything – for all stages of the process, ensuring action as efficiently as possible gives you the best chance of securing the best talent on the market. This will get the process completed in a more engaging way than your competitors as well as making the candidate feel valued at the same time.

Interview process matters – with such a candidate driven market, no longer can we ask a candidate to complete an hour technical test before they’ve interviewed and met anyone from the business. For some roles a technical assessment is absolutely essential (a software developer for example), but to get commitment from the candidate to complete this, they need some commitment from their potential employer. They need to have met someone and interviewed with someone within the business to ensure they feel the role is worth their time. Candidates are interviewing clients as much as clients are interviewing candidates!

First offer, best offer – alongside the above, with a candidate driven market they have lots of options and are likely in the process of interviewing for multiple roles. So, let’s make a serious offer first time round, no games or undercutting. Let the candidate know how much you value them becoming part of your team from the off and start the relationship off on the right foot for the years to come.

Engaging correctly with your recruitment partners and that flowing down to that candidate will make a world of difference. People are the key to the success of all teams and organisations and the recent global events have only magnified that. So, give yourself the best opportunity to build your dream team by considering the above when you are in the process of recruiting top talent!