There isn't a talent shortage, there is an applicant shortage...

There isn't a talent shortage, there is an applicant shortage...

"There isn’t a talent shortage, there is an applicant shortage. If you think there is a talent shortage you are looking in the wrong place.

"If you read the press and opinion pieces on LinkedIn you will be aware that there is a talent shortage across the UK which is affecting many organisation’s ability to deliver their objectives. You will be told this shortage of candidates is even greater in the specialist secure markets in defence, central government, national security, and national policing, all of which we support at Sanderson Government & Defence.

"This isn’t quite as straightforward as it seems on first inspection. There isn’t suddenly less talent in these domains, there are still just as many people doing excellent work and delivering to support the overall benefit of the UK. Instead, what we are seeing is a reduction in people actively seeking new roles as candidates and applicants. This is due to a combination of individuals being engaged and committed to their current roles combined with a perception of risk in actively seeking to move with some post Covid uncertainty still lingering.

"We are seeing two clear trends in our markets right now with organisations taking different approaches to talent and resourcing.

"There are those organisations doing what they have always done and relying on an active applicant pool to fill advertised vacancies.  And while this has been a reliable method in the past, in todays constrained market there is no longer the volume of applications vs advertised roles and not as many active candidates on agencies books.  This is leading to unfilled posts, wage inflation and reports of a talent shortage as previously observed.

"Then there are those organisations who are taking a more proactive approach to engage with the talent they need in a less transactional manner."

These are organisations who…

  • Are actively promoting their brand and engaging with candidates in a softer more open way 
  • Are offering more flexibility on roles and working arrangements
  • Believe recruiting is a 2-way process that requires both the employer and the candidate to commit to making it work
  • Think carefully about who they want to employ and then go and find people who will be the best fit

"These are the organisations who aren’t as impacted by the widely reported talent shortage as their competition and are actively building diverse teams to help deliver their objectives and grow.

"In today’s market, there is no shortage of talent, but it is no longer realistic to expect it to come to you. The organisations that are active in going and seeking out the people they need, being agile and flexible in their approach to secure this talent are not seeing the same challenges.

"Sanderson Government & Defence specialises in secure market recruitment and supporting our customers with hard to fill, hard to find roles. If it is delivering retained solutions on more senior roles or embedded solutions for specific projects, our approach is to work as a genuine partner to our clients to give them access to the talent across the industry and not just the applicants that everyone else is competing for."