Tech for Good Talks

Tech for Good Talks

Introducing, Tech for Good Talks!

A series of discussions with Sanderson Tech for Good Managing Director, Chris Walker and guests within the tech for good and health tech industry.

The first of this series is with Liz Ashall-Payne, co-founder, and CEO of ORCHA, a world leading provider of digital health accreditation and distribution services.

Liz is a trained Speech and Language Therapist and for almost 20-years Liz led NHS transformation programmes, helping to unlock the power of digital across the UK and Europe.

ORCHA provides digital health assessment and distribution services in 11 countries and in the UK to organisations in 50% of NHS regions.

In this video you’ll hear Liz talk about how her passion for helping people led her to where she is now and the how the adoption of technology is used to benefit the health sector.