Tech for Good: Good News Day

Tech for Good: Good News Day

In a world so difficult for many to get through, we at Sanderson Tech for Good believe that it’s important to celebrate the weird, whacky, and wonderful parts of the world. So, we've started “Good News Day”- a series where we look at positive news stories within the Tech 4 Good, Health, and HealthTech sectors, to remind us of the good things happening in the world. 

For our opening post, we want to talk about a program supporting refugees, where an investment has allowed 500 new individuals to be employed as 'Medical Support Workers'. 

For refugees entering the UK, finding work and being able to support themselves is a massive cause for anxiety. This program allows refugees with medical training to smoothly transition into the NHS. 

This role allows people with medical training from overseas to be fast tracked into medical positions in the UK, with more than 120 already supported into roles as senior clinicians and plans for the program to be expanded further. 

People taking part in the program are being trained with the hopes of progressing into various sectors of the NHS allowing many different career opportunities. Professor Sir Stephen Powis, NHS medical director, says:  

"Colleagues taking part in the program are supported to help grow their own skills and move into roles as senior clinicians, like gynecologists or A&E doctors, but in the meantime they bring so much to the teams they join whether it’s supporting surgery, boosting capacity or helping to develop and train other staff." 

For the people who have already joined the program, there has already been examples of success for the people who have been able to make it into the UK for work. Su from Myanmar says: 

"Many refugee doctors have gone through huge mental and physical toll to be able to work in the UK, having to leave our loved ones amidst difficult circumstances... Now, I’ve just been offered a 1-year contract to work as a Clinical Fellow at Southmead and I look forward to all the exciting experiences ahead of me."

With hundreds more refugees planning on being assisted and working thanks to this program, we hope that the lucky individuals being able to take advantage of this program the best in the next steps of their careers and lives.