Sanderson's chosen charities for 2022

Sanderson's chosen charities for 2022

It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day business, but by taking the time to give something back can help us all, giving us a new perspective on work and life.

Here at Sanderson, we believe it is our responsibility to put energy and time into not only the partnerships we create but also our charities and employees.

Who do we work with?

This year’s chosen charities are Little Hero, Mind, Macmillan, and Shelter, who we help in a multitude of ways. Our fundraising activities include sponsored walks and runs, bingo, quiz nights, taking part in dry January, cake sales and more.

By supporting charities, we are actively helping people, organisations, and communities by donating money, time, and resource.

As well as charitable work, Sanderson also care about its employees, ensuring their welfare is a top priority. We constantly care about how we engage with current and potential employees, creating opportunities to enhance their development. Afterall, our employees really are the backbone of the company.

Why CSR is a good thing for businesses

  1. It can help define your brand identity

The charitable initiatives you have as a business can bean integral part of your brand, positioning you as reliable and ethical. Supporting charities can help to differentiate you from the rest, further supporting your brand image, making you stand out for potential job applicants.

  1. Can help you reach a wider audience

Having a charitable presence within your business can increase your reach to a wider audience. Sponsoring local sports teams, donating to national and regional charities can all help boost your visibility and introduce you to new audiences.

  1. Boost employee morale!

When people see that the organisation they work for supports charitable causes, it helps to increase positivity amongst employees. Feeling proud of the company you work for can also help with employee retention and loyalty.

  1. Good for community

And an obvious one but working with charities has a positive effect on the charities cause itself and investing time into your employees can equally have huge benefits. Both of which are the biggest rewards a company can have from investing time into its CSR.