Sanderson Tech for Good: Team Growth

Sanderson Tech for Good: Team Growth

After a great first quarter as a start-up business, incubating within the Sanderson HQ, the Sanderson Tech for Good team have delivered beyond their hiring and revenue targets, and started Q2 with four heads.

The Sanderson Pathway proved really useful in gearing up the opportunity to hire motivated and skilled young graduates or those with a drive to start a new recruitment career.

Bagging an experienced hire means the team haven't only got their hands on the wheel, but more experience in the tank when coaching and driving the team forward in the early months of operation.

The tech stack that our business has implemented over Q1 is unique and handpicked – allowing our consultants to do their work confidently, with a buzz and with all the tools to make their lives easier (automation, anyone??) and cut through the noise of busy inboxes!

Their clients are telling them they're are fresh, innovative, and different. Well, with four consultancies in tech for good, multiple Health and HealthTech new clients in both public and private sectors and companies that are on their own start/scale up journey, are just a few examples of the amazing organisations we have started partnering with in the past 12 weeks.

Candidates are commenting similar experiences. Some are used to working in the Tech for Good space, where as some are telling us they are realising their purpose, energised to work with the clients we share due to the matching of values and vision. Our modus operandi and operating message is getting stronger by the day.

What’s next for Sanderson T4G?

Phase-two of the start-up journey is under construction in the background, so watch this space for the next big announcement! Brand development, culture building, incentive roll out and more heads to hire over the coming weeks mean that its never been a more exciting time to have a look into what we do here at Sanderson Tech for Good.

We have multiple job openings for experienced recruiters, if you want to talk confidentially about your next career move please reach out.

Get in-touch with Sanderson Tech for Good, Managing Director, Chris Walker here, to discuss opportunities.

The UK’s healthtech sector has rallied its world-class talent and skills to help in the fight against coronavirus, as startups work side by side with big tech companies to provide new services and technology.

  • Healthtech sector responses to coronavirus included free access to platforms, new digital assistant technologies, the distribution and sharing of vital resources and more
  • Patients and doctors rapidly adopt telemedicine and other digital tools to deliver care
  • The UK has more than 100 healthtech startups with the potential to become $1bn businesses, according to Tech Nation’s Data Commons
  • UK has seen the highest levels of investment in healthtech startups across Europe in six out of the last seven years
  • UK healthtech is the second largest sector in the startup ecosystem, after fintech
  • The sector employs more than 127,400 people across 3,860 companies in a market worth £36.41bn