Sanderson Tech for Good: Monthly Round-Up

Sanderson Tech for Good: Monthly Round-Up

Hello and welcome!

As the Tech for Good movement (it’s not really a market in the traditional sense of the word) continues to pick up pace both across industry and within our start up business, our mission is to help power it through purposeful talent and matching them with amazing companies who do everything from saving lives to saving the bees.

If you, like us, are interested in the ingenuity of people and the power of technology and combining those two forces for good, then why not tune in to our blogs, our socials and attend our events?!

Along with news and industry information, careers opportunities and job boards, networking and influencing, you will be able to become part of the local and global communities in your space(s) and enjoy all the benefits that association brings.

Evolving our business from our inception as Sanderson’s “tech for good incubator” to an out and out, standalone Tech for Good specific business (watch this space!) you can be part of our journey by following our various team members, pages and channels which celebrate amazing people in their fields and offer you opportunities you may not find otherwise.

“We attract and engage passionate people to build communities of highly skilled talent who want to apply their skills for good…In turn, these companies improve the world around us, and everyone involved feels the satisfaction of being purpose-driven.”

Our Founder and MD, Chris Walker, has been in the “for good” recruitment space for over a decade, initially cutting his teeth in health recruitment. Being part of that digital revolution and helping clients engage technologists to drive their way through Covid, Chris has seen what the spinning worlds of healthcare and HealthTech can achieve. His mission now, is to open this up across Tech for Good.

Chris shared a few words in recent interviews that captured the essence of the business:

“More and more people wake up each day and wonder where their purpose lies. They get dressed and go to a workplace, to receive a paycheck. They repeat this day after day, year after year. Some are starting to question where their purpose lies and whether they can attain a fulfilled purpose-driven career without giving up work on exciting tech projects and a good earning. We focus on Profit for Purpose, as well as the not for profits, so are perfectly positioned to drive our market focus for these people.

"I believe in human ingenuity. I am fascinated by the evolution of technology that makes our lives and the world a better place. I exist to empower people to focus on their purpose over their pay-check.” - “Operating in the fastest growing global ecosystems on the planet, you can love what you do. Community driven. Purposeful. Ambitious. Real.” 

What’s coming up?

We have some exciting events coming up starting on Thursday 21st July (see event details here). As well as this you may have seen our first Tech Talks video with Liz Ashall-Payne from ORCHA. In this series Chris sits down with those within the Tech for Good and HealthTech space, to shine light on their journey into the market, provide valuable insights and much more.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next one and if you missed the first check it out here: Tech for Good Talks

As a team we are continuously building community, both within the sector and within our team as well. If you’re looking to either work with us, work for us or simply want to have a chat about what we do then get in touch or subscribe to our newsletter for alerts on when we post.

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