Introducing, Sanderson Tech for Good!

Introducing, Sanderson Tech for Good!

More and more people wake up each day and wonder where their purpose lies. They get dressed and go to a workplace, to receive a pay-check and they repeat this day after day, year after year. As technology rapidly evolves, we live longer, healthier and strive to exist as more conscious human beings.

Meet our new sector, Sanderson Tech for Good!

A technology for good partner to industries and companies that want to change the world for the better. At Sanderson Tech for Good we empower businesses and people to use their skills to create a better world.

Sanderson Tech for Good are known as the go-to collaborative of Tech for Good recruitment specialists in the world and have a diverse portfolio of Tech for Good recruitment units within the brand.

With years of experience behind us, one of our ecosystems is health; we provide some of the biggest names in healthcare with the best candidates no one else can!

We attract and engage passionate people to build communities of highly skilled talent who want to apply their skills for good. By supplying passionate people within the Tech for Good sector, we increase recruitment success as well as retention metrics for Tech for Good companies.

Our consultants understand the challenges of working within an industry with constantly shifting policies, limited funding and tight regulations and they know what it means for your personnel and processes.

“We are thrilled to be opening a new brand that focuses on the Tech for Good sector! Our mission is to positively impact Tech for Good organisations by increasing their access to highly skilled purpose-driven talent, whilst helping career seekers find their ‘why’ in what they do and where they do it.

“Our vision is to become synonymous with the Tech for Goods talent world in the UK, replicating our brand and its positive effects across the globe.

“We exist to make a difference.” – Chris Walker, Managing Director, Sanderson Tech for Good

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