Sanderson talks jobs, skills and advice to MPCT students

Sanderson talks jobs, skills and advice to MPCT students

Investing time to educate, support and guide the younger generation has never been so important, especially in areas concerning their future careers.

Back in July, Joss Collins and Elias Ofosu from Sanderson, were invited to attend MPCTs Military Preparation College in Croydon to find out what the students get up to, from their weekly routines to their curriculum.

Joss explained after their visit that “many students are reconsidering whether or not they want to do to university, and more are becoming aware of different forms of education and training, and the career opportunities those can offer. Even without university you still have very high-quality people with transferable skills”.

Since then, discussions were had to find out ways in which Sanderson could help give their industry support and advice to the students at MPCT.

Yesterday Sanderson held a virtual presentation and interactive Q&A to a group of around 400 students from MPCT Military Preparation College, to talk about not only who Sanderson are but the chance to discuss their future workplaces and job opportunities and how Sanderson can help in a variety of aspects of their careers.

“Today was a great example of the partnership and future commitment between Sanderson and MPCT in support of young people in action, we are delighted that you have taken the lead by offering this Industry relevant support to our Learners in preparing them for the future workplace, wherever that may be” says Huw Moores, Director of Partnership Development at MPCT.

“Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) is something that is often quoted and used in conversation with little evidence or follow up, but this is a shining and tangible example of this in full swing, thank you to you and your entire team for your support. I very much look forward to seeing how we develop this partnership in the future”.

Although these students have a passion for a career and future within the Armed Forces, this doesn’t always work out with only 50% of the cohort studying at MPCT eventually joining one of the forces, which is why the team at Sanderson felt it important to talk about other avenues they can go down, where the transferable skills they gain from their time at MPCT will be hugely beneficial.

Joss Collins, Regional Director here at Sanderson London, gives his insight on how he thought the presentation went.

“The engagement on the polls worked incredibly well and many of the questions we had come through were really useful for us to get a good gauge on where they would want our support. Therefore, I feel confident we can take this forward, help them out in a variety of areas and provide some tangible input for these guys. Very interested to see where we go next with this”.