Sanderson iKas Singapore launches website and office

Sanderson iKas Singapore launches website and office

The people of Sanderson rose to meet a tough challenge this past year, scoring some key wins and going from strength-to-strength. One result of this perseverance is the growth of our footprint and network in Asia. 

Thanks to the hard work of our people, our reach is ever-growing. We’ve welcomed new people to the company and with them have come a whole host of new opportunities. In this spirit of growth and evolution comes one particularly big move: the launch of our Sanderson iKas International Singapore office and website.

A new kind of partnership

This partnership gives Sanderson an even wider global reach, and is a testament to the hard work of the individuals that make up our fantastic company. We look forward to expanding even further in the months and years to come.

We touched in with a few members of our team that were instrumental to the organisation of our Singapore offering to ask for their insight into the impact the new office and website will have on Sanderson’s long term plan and operations:

Amie Phillips, Head of Sanderson International, commented: 

“The Sanderson iKas partnership strengthens our offering in Asia and we are so excited to be part of the animated and fast-expanding fabric of Singapore. The history, legacy, and strong client relationships of iKas in this region coupled with the growth and success of Sanderson promises to offer a strong and dynamic solution to current and future clients and candidates.

"Together we will not only be a permanent and contract recruitment business, but a juggernaut of innovative and flexible solutions. Our bespoke service will cover a wide scope of total support with our divisions in Recruitment, Solutions, Executive Search, and Projects.” 

Our International Managing Director, Ian Southern, is looking forward to the future possibilities this partnership affords:

“The partnership of iKas International and Sanderson promises innovative staffing solutions, a melding of minds, and an exciting step for both brands. It’s a pleasure to ally with an established business with its feet on the ground; Sanderson-iKas offers this. Together we can offer our clients the opportunity to rebuild out of the pandemic, integrate resilience into their firms, and access some of the best talent in the market. The partnership is critical to our future growth in the AsiaPac region.”

A year of global growth

CEO, Jon Ball, has seen many changes take place during his time with Sanderson. Since starting his journey with us as a trainee recruitment consultant in 1996, he’s seen the company grow in leaps and bounds. Now in the role of CEO since July 2020, Jon has seen our international reach expand and noted:

“Now is a time that many firms are going through a major period of transformation and change. Sanderson’s evolution is more of a metamorphosis: we’re bigger, we’re  better, and we’re now in Singapore.

"Partnering with iKas International, we are happy to say that our global reach has expanded. You’ll find us in the UK, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Singapore (for now). Sanderson iKas is the fusion of two highly respected global recruitment businesses; this synergy brings with it a joint way of thinking, a shared system of values, and an unrivalled commitment to our clients. The established integrity of the iKas brand compliments Sanderson’s offering; together we have a strong future that maximises on the experience, ability, and expertise of each firm.

"The iKas brand also brings with it a proud heritage as an integral piece of the insurance, wealth management, and the pensions sphere. This depth of knowledge will boost our footprint in the financial services industry and will allow us to provide an even more valuable service to our clients.

"It is a pleasure to partner with an esteemed firm and hardworking individuals. We are excited for the opportunities that Asia can provide, and the path ahead in 2021/22 is both positive and exhilarating.”