References: The ins and outs

References: The ins and outs

What you need to know about providing references

During your job search you will likely be asked to provide a reference or two. While many may not think too much about this part of the process, it could make or break your chance of success.

A reference is a person who speaks to a potential employer about you as an employee, co-worker, or manager.

Who should be a reference?

At the start of your job search you should start thinking about who your references will be, so both you and they are prepared for any communication from a potential employer. They need to be a trusted former or current co-worker, former manager, or anyone else that can talk about you and your work from a professional point of view.

How do you know if someone is a good reference?

The reason you should start thinking about references at the beginning of your job search is because you need to do some work in order to find the very best person/people. They will need to be able to sing your praises and provide concrete examples of your work. Choose your references wisely from someone you trust and have a good relationship with.

Don’t just go in blindly and provide a potential employer with a list of names.

What do you do when you’re asked to provide a reference?

Another reason for being prepared and sorting your references prior to job hunting, is that when you are then asked to provide references, you don’t have to rush.

Once you have handed over your list of references, get in contact with each of them to let them know they may be contacted and that you appreciate their support. Tell them about the position you’ve applied for and give them a copy of your CV, this will ensure they have the same information as the employer.

In summary…

  1. At the start of your job search, start thinking about your references so you are prepped
  2. Choose people who will be able to speak on your abilities as an employee/manager/co-worker
  3. Ask people if they are willing to sing your praise before nominating them to give a reference
  4. Tell your references about your job search and give them your CV
  5. Thank them for providing you with a stella reference!

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