Sanderson Reading: a brand new office for a growing team!

Sanderson Reading: a brand new office for a growing team!

The move marks the second office move within the Sanderson family in as many months!

Reading and the Thames Valley is an up-and-coming region on the M4 corridor and a growing professional hub in the South-East. In fact, the area is thriving, as recent data shows. A report by EY at the end of 2018 shows that Reading is predicted to be the fastest growing city in the UK, with a 2.3% Gross Value Added (GVA) rate per year from 2018-2021. This puts it ahead of London and Manchester, the 1st and 3rd largest UK cities respectively!

Of this data, Reading’s Information and Communications sector comprises almost 25% of their total GVA and is forecast to expand by 3.5% over the next three years despite the uncertainty generated by Brexit.

It’s no surprise then that Sanderson’s Reading office has been able to move to a lovely new office in the heart of Reading, in the Apex building. From their opening in 2016 to present, their turnover has increased by an astounding 703%! Their biggest yearly increase was from 2018 to present, with a staggering increase of £7 million.

This comes after Sanderson’s London office also moved premises recently, to Leadenhall Street, City of London in June.

Reading’s regional manager, Jason Rai, has expressed his excitement about the move:

“The growth of the Reading office over the last 4 years has been testament to the hard work of the consultants and the high levels of service that we have been providing to our candidates and clients. Moving to our new office in Apex Plaza is the next stage of our growth in the Reading and Thames Valley market, and I look forward to welcoming our candidates, clients and employees to our new office.”

You can click here to find out more about our Reading office and below for a list of our current Reading-based jobs.

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