Protecting your company brand from rogue recruitment

Protecting your company brand from rogue recruitment

Unaffiliated recruitment consultants can tarnish your image in the eyes of candidates. Sanderson consultant Drew Bradley explains how this can be avoided.

We’ve all seen stories in the news about companies getting sued for copying the branding of large scale companies such as Nando’s and KFC and I’m sure you will have all heard stories of people name dropping companies to potential customers of brands they actually have no affiliation with.

The latter can be considered misrepresentation under the law:

“A fraudulent misrepresentation occurs when someone makes a statement that -

they know is untrue, or,
they make without believing it is true, or,
they make recklessly (i.e. that person does not care about whether the statement is true or not).

If you enter into a contract as a result of a fraudulent misrepresentation, then you can choose to unwind the contract, claim damages, or both. You may lose your right to cancel the contract, however, in certain circumstances.”

So why is this sort of behaviour considered a commonly accepted recruitment practice?

I’m not saying all recruiters practice this but it is very much a case of the bad ones ruining it for the good ones. An example of this could be:

An agency recruiter finding a job on your website, calling the candidate and advising them they are representing you, getting agreement to represent them for the role and then speculatively sending the CV over.

The possible outcomes of this are:

  • You are not interested in the candidate or engaging the agency
  • You like the candidate and want to take them forward.

How can this damage your brand?

The consultant has already advised (without your knowledge) that they are working with you and therefore all actions they now take aligns them with your brand. If they become uncommunicative or misadvise the candidate, they are now tarnishing your company’s reputation, without you ever even having a conversation with them!

I’m sure your main focus when it comes to your recruitment will be to find the best candidates. What if they already dislike your brand as an employer without you even communicating with them? Or even worse, it may stop them purchasing a product from you as a customer?

So what is the best way for you to protect yourself against this behaviour?

Don’t accept speculative CVs

Request something in writing from the candidate to advise them that they have been sent in speculatively and that they are aware that this particular recruiter has not been requested by you to represent your brand in advance.

Check in with candidates

Keep in touch with your candidates throughout the process to get an insight into how they were treated by your chosen recruiter as they act as an extension of you during the process.

Offer your roles exclusively to your recruiter of choice

This insures that the market isn’t saturated with multiple different versions of your job advertisement, decreasing inaccuracies.

Choose a recruiter who can manage your whole process for you via an RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) or MSP (Managed Service Provider)

This would mean that, as they are managing the full process for you and allowing you to manage how they represent your brand, it becomes mutually beneficial for both companies to represent you correctly.

Most recruiters do a great job and really care about their candidates, clients and reputation and would never dream of damaging your brand. Unfortunately, not everyone cares as much!

Sanderson Recruitment are a specialist recruiter who have expert, local consultants that will take care of your brand as much as their own. We specialise in RPOs and MSPs and have a trusted local network of tried and tested agencies to reach out to, should you need additional support.

So whether it is a single role you need help with, a full service partner or even just want a bit of advice on recruitment best practice, get in touch to see how we can help or contact Drew directly by clicking the image below!

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