Manchester's Tech Talent is Growing...

Manchester's Tech Talent is Growing...

The number of growing technology professionals is expanding at a faster rate in the North than in London and the South of England.

A recent UK Tech Talent Tracker from Accenture, analysed LinkedIn’s Professional Network data and found that tech talent within cities in the North of England have grown on average 15% in the last year, compared to southern cities, which have grown on average by 9%.

Since the pandemic, many people and businesses have continued to adopt flexible working making it easy for people to work remotely, meaning companies are able to look beyond the capital to find top talent.

Manchester experienced the highest level of growth within the technology talent pool at 25%, compared to a year ago, which was predominantly driven by an increase in cyber security professionals based in the city.

We got in touch with Jessica Alcock, Regional Manager in the Sanderson Manchester office to find out whether they’ve noticed a rise in the Tech talent pool.

“The demand for talent right now, both Tech and Business Change professionals has most definitely been at an all-time high, certainly the most I’ve ever known in my 10-years recruiting such talent within the Northwest. The demand for tech talent really shot up last summer but it looks like the need for business change talent is quickly catching up.

“We have several clients with office locations in both Manchester and London whose preference would be for their teams to grow within Manchester. This, plus many exciting household names and start-ups making the Northwest home has seen not only the demand for talent increase but salaries skyrocket. It is indeed a very exciting time to be looking for a new role within the Northwest.”

In the next three years, tech giant Accenture, plan to create 3000 new jobs in the UK, with half being based in London and expanding in the North to Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

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