London college students inspired by "really cool guys" from Sanderson at Employability Event

London college students inspired by

On Tuesday, June 22 and Wednesday, June 23, Sanderson teamed up with New City College (NCC) in London to deliver two employability events that gave students an insight into the world of recruitment.

Over 150 business students attended the event over the two days at NCC’s Tower Hamlets and Hackney campus and the team at Sanderson hope that this was the first of many employment events to come.

Some of Sanderson’s London office including head of business development Rory Morrison, recruitment specialists Leroy Owusu-Addae and Edward Morley-Smith, and regional director Joss Collins teamed up with NCC’s industry placements and work experience manager Jill Nathan to deliver an interactive experience in which students were encouraged to actively participate.

A collaboration of different backgrounds

Ella Bewley from marketing was on hand to provide technical support and worked closely with Ollie George from Fifteen Ten Ltd to create animations and video to support the presentation. She also took to the stage to share her own experience of progressing with Sanderson to blossom from a recruitment consultant to being a marketing account manager. Two additional Sanderson favourites that stole the spotlight were Hassan Lenga-Kroma and Conor Chatfield, who shared their experiences and journey with Sanderson.

The combination of fun, tongue-in cheek videos explaining the world of recruitment and the role of a recruitment specialist, with first-hand experiences of our rising stars, and the added bonus of live Q&A sessions and interactive polls meant that students could get to grips with an industry they might not have considered before.

What did the students think?

Aside from recruitment consultancy focussed information, the team included some general employment tips for students to consider before they prepare to enter the world of work. Some of the feedback from students included:

“I always thought that well paid careers were in banking and finance.  I never knew you could earn so much from hard work and commission working in recruitment”

“After taking part in this Zoom meeting with Sanderson PLC - I would love to take up work experience with them” 

“The team at Sanderson PLC sound like really cool guys.  It would be great to get a job there!” 

The Level 3 learners reported that what they liked most about the workshop was that each team member had a different background and contributed from their own personal experiences. This helped learners understand how diverse  and welcoming Sanderson is, and the opportunities that are available to those about to start their careers. What we wanted to show was that this was a viable and well-paid option for anyone regardless of their education or experience.

The college commented that: “Encounters with employers help to broaden young people’s horizons and raise aspirations, increase their earning potential, and reduce the likelihood that they will become NEET (not in employment, education or training).  

“The experience you [Sanderson] gave our students this week was invaluable in terms of opening their eyes to potential careers and that is evident from some of the comments our students made. We are very, very grateful and look forward to working with you in the future.”

If you would like to find out more about our employability events do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We leave the sessions as inspired by young learners as they are from our workshops, and we look forward to meeting more brilliant young minds.