London Change Forum - overcome workplace obstacles using Lean-Agile

London Change Forum - overcome workplace obstacles using Lean-Agile

The London Change Forum (LCF) seeks to bring together professionals working in Change to discuss current industry issues. This week we hosted the second LCF at 1 Lombard Street with the event centred on how to overcome obstacles in the workplace using Lean-Agile methods.

Leading the talk was Cyril Awere, a Scaled Agile Program Consultant for Liryc Consulting.

Cyril is a delivery and results focused Scaled Agile Program Consultant with a wealth of experience in mentoring and coaching global teams, the delivery and management of multiple and complex business solutions across EMEA.

He opened the conversation by presenting the reasons for and statistics of Agile adoption; it is the top motive for accelerating product delivery. The main reason for its failure? A resistance to change. 42% of transformation programs’ failure was due to leadership shortfall.

He said, "Imagine if our organisations could recognise the importance of culture as part of transformational change."

"Today, Sanderson sponsored a workshop to discuss how we can overcome the various cultural challenges that come with transformational change and I was invited to lead the discussions, which proved to be insightful and enlightening."

"Our attendees then took control of the discussion and uncovered a number of key challenges faced in the modern workplace. It was clear that there was a theme around a lack of seniority buy-in, with managers being threatened by change, previous failed attempts of Agile implementation affecting future implementations and a lack of budget to support it. The attendees also felt that there was a general lack of understanding regarding Agile."

In addressing these issues, the attendees also put forward business areas to focus on in the future. It was suggested that there should be a people oriented culture and putting planning at the centre of the process, identifying friction points and utilising data correctly. They also felt that it was incredibly important to talk to the team about how they are feeling about changes.

The key take home message of the event?

To ensure effective deployment of Agile, it is critical to have people buy-in and cultural engagement.

Daniel Ovenden, Senior Consultant at Sanderson, said,

"It was great to host our 2nd London Change Forum this morning, addressing the Cultural Challenges in Lean-Agile. We had a strong turnout and would like to thank everyone who joined for their contributions to a very thought provoking conversation."

Are you an Agile practitioner? What are your thoughts on the issues raised during the London Change Forum?

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