Knowing your industry, from an IT Recruitment Consultant

Knowing your industry, from an IT Recruitment Consultant

Recruiting within IT is fascinating. Tech evolves and drives new requirements, which demand you stay ahead of the curve to recruit effectively.

When the DigitExpo came up, it jumped out as an invaluable opportunity to learn about emerging trends, potential issues, and the direction technology is taking. As a recruiter within IT, you need to develop your knowledge on what’s going on beyond the recruitment desk.

At Sanderson, continuous development is encouraged to ensure consultants become specialists in their field. Whilst one event doesn’t make me a technical expert, I did learn a lot about current IT and digital movements, as well as the demand for candidates within the tech space in Scotland – allowing me to recruit in this space more effectively.

DigitExpo2019 was a content-rich day for anyone involved in digital tech.

The mix of presentations, panel discussions and networking events explored AI and machine learning; data science; cyber security and cloud storage; among other topics. Market trends were discussed, and the question that kept popping up: are we prepared for the future of tech?

Many roles that will be common in as little as 2 years’ time, currently don’t exist: an unnerving thought. This prospect incited discussion around the need for continual learning and development within organisations, in order to not fall behind in such a fast-paced IT and Digital market, with ever-evolving technologies.

Preparing for a future of tech

Three takeaways were drawn from DigitExpo2019

One: upskill the current workforce through learning and development programmes.

Two: integrate digital and tech subjects within the primary curriculum as core subjects, to nurture early interest in the fields and support the development of future career choices.  

Three: Provide training programmes for those looking to change career.

As you may imagine, being based in Scotland’s capital city, the Expo in-part took a Scottish focus regarding some of the initiatives the country has employed to bridge their own identified tech skills shortage. Polly Purvis, head of ScotlandIS, has commented: "We need about 12,500 people every year (to work in this space) and we produce about 5,000 from the usual sources, such as college and university and apprenticeships."
Where will the remaining 7,500 come from?

In Scotland:

CodeClan are the first and only industry-led digital skills academy offering diverse training programmes across software development, UX design and agile team management.

Skills Development Scotland provide over 27,000 modern apprenticeships each year to unrivalled success. 92% of Modern Apprentices stay in work once they’ve qualified.

The Data Lab is Scotland's Innovation Centre for data and AI, with the mission to help Scotland maximise value from data and lead the world to a data powered future - by fuelling innovation through collaboration, building skills and growing talent, and strengthening Scotland’s thriving data science community.

It was inspiring to learn of the schemes in place in Scotland, and have the chance to meet members from these communities.

Recruiting in the age of shifting candidate expectations and wants

A presentation led by Program Manager at Microsoft, Jane Pitt, delved into candidate motivation, aspirations and attitude towards work; highlighting the difference generation can make upon these factors.

Jane asserted that Baby Boomers (1945-1960) look for job security foremost, whilst Generation X (1961-1980) look for a work-life balance. Generation Y (1981-1995) look for freedom and flexibility, and Generation Z want workplaces that maximise top technology, and offer trust and stability.  

Whilst you can’t assume that everyone’s motivation towards work fits within these categories, the conversation around job expectations and wants is an important one for a recruiter. Getting this right enables you to understand the person, and find them a position that aligns with their motivations - enabling the candidate and finding the right cultural fit for your client.

In an age of fast moving technology, it is vital to stay abreast of the drivers for candidates and clients, to stay ahead of the curve.

At Sanderson, our practice is built open discussions.
We take the time to understand the people we work with, to form the right connections. Our partnership approach is what has kept us in business for over 38 years, and it is what fuels our continuous growth.

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