IT sector is still Scotland’s largest job creator, despite widespread vacancy dip

IT sector is still Scotland’s largest job creator, despite widespread vacancy dip

The number of jobs in Scotland dipped by almost half in June 2022 across the country’s key sectors, but the IT sector remains strong.

In Scotland, the IT sector is the biggest creator of job opportunities despite the country seeing a general dip in vacancies, showing signs of a difficult economic recovery.

Data, which was provided by Broadbean Technology, revealed that despite the vacancy divide, IT continued to be the largest creator of job opportunities in Scotland.

The IT sector reported for around 13% of the total (unchanged month-on-month). However, its 5,500 jobs tally was less than March’s figures. 

Application per vacancy (APV) numbers have also continued to drop, with IT roles receiving only 14 applications on average, which is a good indicator of the sectors well-documented skills shortage market.

Here is what Richard Jones, Principal Consultant in the Sanderson Edinburgh office, had to say…

“I am in total agreement that there has been a slight dip in roles over the last 1-2-months, but this would be expected during this time of year and that the lack of applicants for roles has also been poor/down (particularly local based candidates) and I think it will continue to be like this over the coming months.

“One thing worth adding is how candidates who are going through a process and then finally secure an offer is that, I believe, the bigger expectation that their current employer will try even harder to keep them with counter offers etc. They understand how hard it is to find new and good talent, which then just adds to the pot of demand on the market.”

Craig Bryce, Regional Manager in the Sanderson Glasgow office, had some words to follow…

“Touching on Richards point about counter offers, I would say that more and more candidates are continuing to look for roles despite ‘accepting’ an offer already. There is so much choice now that they want to be absolutely sure they are getting the right role and maximising pay/rewards.”

Average permanent salaries have also risen across many sectors to help meet the rising cost of living. At the top are medical and nursing roles, at just over £48k, the oil and gas sector coming in at second with just under £47k, and the IT sector has risen to almost £45k, as recruiters try to attract new talent into this fast-growing sector.

However, despite these pay increases, it is unlikely that they will be able to keep up with the rising inflation, which hit a record high in May.