Interview tips from our recently hired Trainee Recruitment Consultants

Interview tips from our recently hired Trainee Recruitment Consultants

The prospect of an interview can be daunting for anyone, regardless of whether you are preparing for your first or your 10th. And in a pre-pandemic world, where many interviews are still being held virtually, this can make it tougher to stand out against other candidates. But several interview tips remain the same whether you are interviewing remotely or in person.

Many people will be able to provide you with helpful advice, but who better to ask than the recently hired?

In a conversation with five new Trainee Recruitment Consultants here at Sanderson, the question asked was, "As a successful candidate, do you have a top tip when preparing for an interview?" and here are their responses.

"Don’t give up hope. Keep going and trust the recruitment process and trust that your recruiter will find something that not only suits your skill set but also your personality. And don’t forget to ask questions! " - Sarah Mouneimneh

"Be yourself and don’t be nervous. Show that you are driven and willing to work hard." – Madison Walker

"You have to have a certain level of confidence, be confident that you can get the job. Stand up straight with your shoulders back! " – Thomas Walsh

"Be as open and honest as you can be. You’re having a conversation, and that is what recruitment is about, getting to know people. Research the role and have an understanding of what it is you will be doing. Be open, honest, and communicative. " – Adam Seddaoui

"Go in confident, prepare, prepare, prepare and don’t forget to smile!" – Jenna May Heyes

So aside from making sure you dress smartly, you research the role, and you remember to ask questions, being confident, open and honest seem to be some of the best things you can do, when going into an interview.

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