International Leadership Week: Removing the fear from failure

International Leadership Week: Removing the fear from failure

As promised here is our first piece to kick off our discussions for International Leadership Week 2021.

Hear from Nick Walrond, Managing Director within the Government & Defence sector here at Sanderson, who talks all about removing the fear from failure, creating a space where people can help each other, have a voice, and creating a space to discuss areas of improvement without judgement.

What does leadership mean to you?

“I believe leadership means providing an environment where there is no fear of failure, a culture of improvement, where everyone feels that they have a voice and will be fairly treated. To improve as leaders, individuals, staff, and as a supplier to our customers I think we need to tackle our failures head on, talk openly about them, discuss why they happened and seek to work with each other, and quite importantly our customers, to come up with better ways to work.

“With the challenges that Covid placed our business, and then followed by the challenges of the most talent short market we have ever seen, this approach has been critical to maintaining market reputation, and allowing our staff to feel confident to speak out, to find other micro wins, and to make small improvements consistently.”

The definition of ‘leadership’ means the action of leading a group of people or an organisation, but many know that leadership is much more that just being in the position of leader. There are a whole host of skills as well as experience needed which makes someone a ‘good’ leader and it is an ever-changing role.