International Leadership Week: 5 ways to be the best leader you can be

International Leadership Week: 5 ways to be the best leader you can be

It’s the final day of our series of four discussions with Senior leaders here at Sanderson and the discussions have been very insightful, discussing everything from new ways of working and the re-invention of leadership to women leaders and the importance of being a leader.

Today hear from Jon Ball, CEO at Sanderson, as he concludes our discussions for International Leadership Week 2021 with his top ‘5 ways to be the best leader you can be’.

1. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of those around you

“Businesses are made up of a whole range of people from different cultural and educational backgrounds and part of being a leader is understanding an individual’s needs as well as their background. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the people you work with as well as their ambitions, their drive and motivators, when you give them opportunities, very rarely does it fail because you have taken the time to understand them as an individual.”

2. Protect those you work with

“I believe very strongly that if you give people opportunities based off their potential it’s also hugely important you protect them at all times, and as an organisation, when we select people to fit specific roles, its critical to be a guardian to that individual, to put your arm around them and protect them from day-to-day challenges. Whether this be the running of an office, dealing with people, giving them guidance and support and allowing them to build confidence to come into the role at their own pace and fly into the individual you always knew that had within them.”

3. Read the situation and read your people

“Every day I learn more about the people in our business by watching and listening to how they interact and behave and by listening to both the positive as well as the negative. People’s behaviour fluctuates by what is going on in their personal life and their external challenges. And its about being able to support, coach, guide and reassure an individual, to address and understand a situation and help that person out where you can.”

4. Surround yourself with likeminded people

“You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with whether that’s as an individual or as a business. If you surround yourself with people like you, those that are likeminded, have a good work ethic etc, you will start to build a group of successful people, which will help with building momentum and motivation you will build across the business.”

5. Treat people as you’d like to be treated yourself

“The art of leadership is often overlooked and there is a fine line between leadership and management. A lot of my own beliefs in terms of what we do as an organisation and as an individual, have been harnessed from how I have been treated myself over the years. I would run through brick walls for people who made me feel appreciated, valued, part of something and a key asset to the company.”

So there you have it, five ways you can be the best leader you can be to those around you, which nicely brings our discussions for International Leadership Week 2021 to an end. Catch up on our other discussions from the week here