Improve the hiring process by improving your advertisement

Improve the hiring process by improving your advertisement

Job vacancies are record high right now in the UK with nearly 2.7 million being advertised according to the Express, yet employers are still struggling to fill roles, but what if we told you part of the problem could be down to the job description itself?

Many job advertisements are poorly written, filled with outdated terms, or lengthy lists of skills and qualifications which can put people off applying. But with a few simple changes’ employers can increase their talent pool and fill roles more resourcefully.

Employers should aim to avoid jargon, which can be damaging to your job advertisements success and instead focus on describing the job in a meaningful way, such as matching the job title with the desired skills instead of something generic. Just as an employer would want a jargon free, clearly written CV from an applicant, this should also apply to the job advertisements you are putting out.

Here are some tips from Joe Donnelly, Managing Consultant here at Sanderson

  1. Copying and pasting the role profile and posting it as a job advert is a mistake lots of companies make job adverts should be brief, punchy, and inviting.

  2. One important tip is to use a gender bias decoder tool (there are many options online) to analyse your job advert and detect instances of gender-coded language before posting. If an advert is heavily weighted with masculine-coded language, women are less likely to apply.

Creating a clear and concise job advertisement helps the applicant envision themselves within a role, helping them filter out what they can and can’t do. All whilst ensuring for a more enjoyable and positive candidate experience, resulting in more applicants and improving the hiring process for yourself.