7 ways to get the best out of your recruitment partner

7 ways to get the best out of your recruitment partner

Using the recruitment relationship correctly can really make a difference to your team, culture and, ultimately, strategic success says Drew Bradley, Sanderson consultant.

Whether you are a business that has their own internal recruitment model or not, it is likely you may need to utilise the services of an external recruitment agency at some point. As with anything in business, there is an opportunity to use that relationship to really make a difference to your team and potentially affect your culture, not to mention strategic direction and success.

However, knowing how these relationships can sometimes become disjointed, I’ve created a quick guide to ensure the success of your relationship:

Invite them to your office

If possible to see the environment and meet your team, I would highly recommend arranging a visit very early in the relationship. You will have spent a long time creating your culture and environment and it’s important that is reflected accurately in the search for someone to join the team. It’s very difficult for someone to sell that from reading a paragraph on a job specification. Your consultant will ultimately be representing your brand in the marketplace and if they have witnessed it first-hand, they are far more likely to do this correctly for you.

Listen to their advice

Recruiters will likely be working with your competitors and should normally be able to give you some good insight into the market and challenges. On occasion, a recruiter may also disagree with your decision to reject a certain candidate at the CV screen stage; if they are advising you to meet them it shows their belief in that candidate as well as demonstrating their experience in recruiting for previous similar roles, companies and their requirements.

Give them feedback

You would be surprised how many times no feedback is given on applications or interviews to recruiters. Ultimately, they are an extension of your company and saying to a candidate that they were unsuccessful but they haven’t been told why can reflect badly on you as a potential employer. This information can also be incredibly useful in the future to help your recruiter find more appropriate candidates.

Don’t over-commit on agencies

Using one agency can really be a successful strategy, but I would only suggest going with a recruitment agency exclusively once they are tried and tested. On the flipside, it is really important you don’t use too many at the same time, especially if you are recruiting a niche skillset. It’s important to avoid having the same candidates get multiple calls about the same role as this can lead to concerns with good candidates wondering why no one wants to work with you.

Keep communication channels open

A recruiter will likely have questions or need advice about the role they are working on. These questions will normally come from a candidate they are speaking to, or will help them better search for the right person for you. Being open to answering questions or just talking through attraction strategies is integral to the successful recruitment of the best people.

Give them time

More and more often these days, roles will be sent out to multiple agencies at once and it quickly becomes a race to get candidates over first. This approach can allow you to get CVs very quickly but the likelihood of those candidates dropping out of the process or of being of poorer quality is substantially higher. A good recruiter would want to take time to properly pre-screen a candidate, normally set them tasks to ascertain their interest and meet with them to make sure they are right before submitting them over to you, and very short deadlines means that this approach is not possible. Giving a reasonable deadline makes for a better candidate experience and saves you time later from dealing with candidates that are not fully qualified.

Ask for a product that matches your needs

Good consultancies will have a wide range of options they can use to create a bespoke process specifically for you. This can sometimes take the form of a RPO or MSP but other options are available. Your business is different to everyone else’s so why would your recruitment needs be the same as everyone else’s?

If you feel you would like to get more from your external recruitment, want a process designed specifically for you or just want to find out a little more about how we work get in touch. We have a proven track record of designing bespoke recruitment solutions for some really unique companies, just like yours.

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