How to attract the right candidates

How to attract the right candidates

In a market where the UK is seeing record numbers of job vacancies, it’s now more important than ever to stand out as a business and having a strong attraction process is key. Utilising your recruitment process and employee value proposition are both vital tools to help strengthen your brand within the market. Below we’ve compiled a list of key things to assist you with your recruitment process and help attract the right candidates.

Evaluate your skill set requirements

You should have a good think about what is most important to you when attracting your newest employee. This could be a particular skill or qualification that may currently be missing from your current team. Don’t fall into the trap of seeking out what you may have had before.

Finding someone who is both a great fit for the culture and holds the right soft skills, as well as someone who has the right attitude to learn the rest, can make for some of the most successful hires.

Reassess your job advert

In many cases your job advert will be the first point of contact and first impression a candidate will have with your business. You should take this opportunity to describe your team and company culture, to help grab the attention of the potential candidate, look at is as a way to ‘set the scene’. A candidate should be able to imagine themselves within the role, to decide whether they can see if they would be a suitable fit, before reading the role requirements.

Another tip would be to always include employee benefits to entice candidates. If you are particularly proud of them, why not put them first?

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Review your interviewing process

There can be two main pitfalls when it comes to the interviewing process. Firstly, your process could be too long. Take a look at the overall process and make sure that you have the correct number of stages for the position, and that they actually add value to the process. Could your stages be condensed or, alternatively, could multiple stages be completed within a day? This can help massively when it comes to candidate satisfaction, you want to make this as easy and enjoyable for the candidate as much as you do for yourself.

Secondly, your process may not be keeping with your brand. An interview is a great way to sell your business and is best carried out as a two-way conversation. Aim to base your questions on your company values or try giving a tour of the office, maybe even try introducing the candidate to some of the existing team. Don’t treat an interview as a way to catch a candidate out, rather as an opportunity for them to demonstrate their skills and experience to you.

Look at your online presence

Taking a look at this could help you in a multitude of ways and could end up revealing areas in which you may be struggling to attract candidates. In a world where our social presence is extremely important, there are some key areas you should look at.

  • Your website. Are your values clearly laid out on there for a candidate to see? Or perhaps try adding elements of company culture to give candidates an idea of what you are about as a business.

  • Social media. How often do you post on social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn? Is your business portrayed professionally? Is there evidence of good working practices, successes, or employee engagement?
  • Glassdoor. Have your current or ex-employees reviewed your business and are these positive? If not, you may want to take a look at areas you can improve on or address.

Overall, and the main thing to take away from this, to attract the right candidates for your vacancies, your key focus should be ensuring that their experience of your business and the recruitment process is a professional, timely and positive one.