How and why does retained talent partnering work?

How and why does retained talent partnering work?

As a talent solutions business we have been operating in what is one of the tightest talent markets in the UK for some time (namely the security cleared UK government market with a digital transformation skills challenge that is happening in somewhat of a perfect storm as UK Gov moves to digital in the cloud). What is apparent is the rest of the UK professional skills market has tightened to such an extent over the last two years that the challenges that we have been facing for several years are now apparent across multiple sectors, skills, and job roles.

What learnings can we share?

We recognised a number of years ago the importance of operating as a “talent partner” for our customers, this is distinguishable from a PSL recruiter and/or a RPO provider in a number of ways:

  1. We focus on talent not on process and transactions
  2. You own the talent that we generate, we are building you a talent pool not building our own database
  3. We deliver an EVP message to your talent pool over the long term, building interest and buy in to your brand
  4. We connect you directly to the talent, matching people to you not CVs to vacancies
  5. Each talent challenge requires a different solution – we solve that together, collaboratively and in a way that fixes your problem over a longer period of time
  6. By understanding the challenge, we can better communicate it to the market, getting buy in and establishing firm interest to reduce counter offers, buy backs or Dutch auctions for talent
  7. In this relationship we are not a supplier, we are part of your team, operating on your behalf, and acting as your eyes and ears in the talent market

What that means to us is...

  1. By partnering we automatically take full obligation to solve your problem, with you, to completion – we are your trusted advisers
  2. Our talent partnering staff get more job satisfaction because they are solving problems not sending CVs into processes where engagement is haphazard at best (you know who you are process people!)
  3. We can play the long game, engaging talent over long periods of time rather than simply transacting what is available now – this is proven to work, we consistently place candidates from our client owned talent pools that we have been maintaining contact with for 2/3/4+ years, waiting for their skills and motivation mix to match our customers
  4. We feel like part of your customers team, we are more committed because of this (because we care), and we are better able to represent you because we feel like we are part of you
  5. The candidate has a better experience, more time is spent building the proposition and, critically for secure government, the mission. And if they are good, but the time isn’t right, then we have established a relationship for them to be a future hire

Don’t just take our word for it, this is what one of our key customers has said this week...

“There are lot of reasons why it can be hard to find the right people for our roles. Reasons include the need for highly specialist skills, suitable candidates not actively looking for roles, challenges around communicating simply what it is we do and why our roles are exciting. A Talent Partner can really help in these circumstances as they can spend time understanding our business, understanding the market, and applying a tailored approach to connecting with and talking to potential candidates.”